Are Advancements in Technology Changing the Face of Executive Travel?

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For many, travel can be a tedious slog. Regular commutes can be filled with delays, and planes and trains can be packed with screaming kids and a host of other irritable circumstances. Therefore, the desire for executive travel is hardly surprising, with demand among luxury consumers rising frequently. Ultimately, many are now spending their hard-earned cash to travel in style.

Of course, technology provides much of the ease in executive travel. Whether it’s an added layer of luxury, bolstered privacy or a much-needed efficiency, technology in travel is working to sculpt the experience to the individual customer. However, in contrast, technology is also a means to destabilise it. Here are three advancements in technology that change the face of executive travel.

Ease in Booking

In the old days, making travel arrangements required leaving homes and approaching people at desks. These days, thanks to the internet, the process has become far more slick and smooth. Companies such as Victor employ smart technology for their on-demand jet charter, with price predictions, flight booking and more all being available at the click of a button.

Subsequently, this technology renders private jet browsing as being more publicly accessible, and offers a complete transparency and quick efficiency in service. After all, the queues can be skipped for customers, all while organizing flights on their own time.

Travel App Companions

Of course, when travelling, leaflets and brochures used to be rammed into backpacks and stuffed in pockets. They’d feature endless information, with lines and lines of tiny fonts and bothersome advertisements.

The face of executive travel can fit in a pocket, but in a far more streamlined fashion. While some apps are handy in a regular travel, others step up their game. For example, the iOS app from Victor allow the selections of preferred aircraft, airport and price quotes to go along with them. Excelling beyond the more basic travel routes and guides, these apps give total power and control of travel from the comforts of home.

Removing the Need?

Many who utilise executive travel are often the business kind with somewhere to be. They get the best seats for the most comfortable ride, flying about the world to arrive at professional conferences and work in good form.

However, there is talk of video conferencing replacing travel all together, executive or otherwise. Apps such as Skype cut out a lot of the time and costs spent traveling, while allowing corporate matters to be concluded quickly. It’s certainly something to consider, as not all advancements in technology can favour executive travel, but potentially undermine its very purpose.

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