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Traveling can be a lot of fun, but brings a fair share of stress along with it. Am I the only one that has taken a road trip and had a hard time finding some place to eat or a place to stop and pee? Whether you are flying to New York City or going to travel by bus to Corpus Christi, before you gear up on your next vacation, download these apps to make your trip a success.

Local Eats Shows You Where to Dine


Currently, this app costs $0.99, but it is worth it. I know I’ve spent way too many times trying to catch a glimpse of what’s coming up, only to be blocked by a huge mac truck. This app helps you find a place to eat along your route.

Once you get to your location, this app saves you more time. You don’t have to raid the hotel brochure stack to find a place to eat. With Local Eats, you can see what actual customers have to say about a restaurant. Check out the reviews before you head, and you won’t be disappointed.

Priceline Helps Book Hotels Last Minute

If you are the last minute type of person, then this is the right app for your. Priceline gives you a list of local hotels with a price comparison. Sort out which establishment is best for you based off of price, reviews, and availability.

One of the features allows you to book the hotel through the app. This saves you a ton of time instead of trying to call and price check at different motels.

Entertainment Sends Coupons to Your Phone

Entertainment app

The Entertainment app replaces the need to carry around your big Entertainment book. There are several functions that come along with this download. You can search out local restaurants, hotels, and places of entertainment.

Also, your coupons are stored on the app, so you always have them with you. With the many features of this app, you won’t have to spend as much time searching for what to do at your vacation destination.

GasBuddy Takes You to The Cheapest Station

GasBuddy is the perfect solution while on the road. Not only will it show you the stations close to you, but it will also tell you how much gas costs at each place. This is sure to save you some cash while on your trip. If you can know before you get off an exit if there will be a cheap station, then you will save a lot of time.

Instacast 5 Organizes Your Podcasts For the Road

Don’t you just hate searching for something to listen to while driving? I feel like I spend more time finding a radio station with enough signal than I do anything else while on the road. Instead of fighting with the radio waves, get your podcasts in order before hitting the road.

Instacast 5 automatically syncs the podcasts you follow with your device. This ensures you don’t get 2 hours into your trip with all the same episodes you’ve already heard.

Rest Area Shows You Rest Stops on Your Route

Rest Area

Finding a bathroom is such a hassle on long trips. Depending on your route, there may be little to no exits that lead to civilization. With Rest Area, you can see where the next rest stop is on your route. This will keep you from making a side of the road pitstop.

Google Maps Keep You on Track

If you don’t have a navigation app installed on your phone, Google maps is a great choice. Punch in your desired destination and select your location. This app gives you turn by turn directions while you drive.

If you make a wrong turn or construction pops up on your route, the navigation will re-route and take you a different way. One of the most stressful parts of a trip is getting to your destination without a wrong turn. This app will help eliminate that stress for you.

These are a few of the best travel apps for 2015. Be sure you check them out before you next vacation.

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