To Make the Switch Or Not? The Benefits of Adobe Suite CS5 and CS6 for Business

If you’re considering making the switch over to Adobe suite CS5 or CS6, learn more about some of the undeniable benefits of doing so for business…

After spending four hours on a design project, the last thing you want to see is a big, blaring red ERROR message.

According to Adobe, 90 percent of the world’s creative content professionals use Photoshop. That’s only one app from the entire Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you’re working off of old apps like Adobe Suite CS5 or CS6, you could be wasting time and energy struggling with outdated programs.

With the new Creative Cloud, you can improve your company’s efficiency—and creativity—without apps crashing. 

Here are five benefits of switching from Adobe Suite CS5 over to Adobe Creative Cloud so you can design a path towards success!

1. Store & Access Anywhere

Hunting down creative assets like character styles, color swatches, and images can slow down your creative process.

With older versions of the Adobe Creative Suite like Adobe Suite CS5, you had to upload these items each time you start in a new program. That was time wasted.

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries is now here to save the day. Instead, you can make changes to these assets, switch to another program, and have immediate access to those changes. 

You also receive 2 free GB of space, so you can start storing immediately, improving productivity.

No more file hunting!

2. Tap Into Typekit

The Creative Cloud membership also gives users access to the Typekit library. Designers can now use as many fonts as they want to give their creative projects that extra flare.

Trying to find the perfect font can be a drag, and once you find it, the price may not be worth the search.

Typekit allows you to scroll through thousands of fonts, which are all free with a Creative Cloud subscription. That way you have the tool you need exactly when you need it, without extra fees attached. 

3. Exclusive Apps

Creative Cloud’s exclusive apps can inspire creativity within your team. With these new apps, they can also inspire creatives to become more innovative with their designs. 

From Adobe Muse to Adobe Animate, these new apps can expand your capabilities and increase your workflow, too.

Here are six other apps to help your team’s workflow!

4. Go Mobile

Design on the go! The Creative Cloud has stepped up its mobile game since Adobe Suite CS5.

You can now start a project on your phone, sync it to the cloud, and finish your designs from your laptop.

Syncing also allows you to collaborate with ease. Post on Behance to share your work, where others can also edit and improve your projects.

Check out these free Adobe Spark poster templates to get started on your own design!

5. Constant Updates

It’s always possible to expand and improve user experience. Adobe Creative Cloud offers regular software updates, eradicating pesky little bugs and program issues as they pop up.

That way, you don’t have to worry about crashing again. 

Make the Switch: Adobe Suite CS5 Over to Adobe Creative Cloud

Say goodbye to Adobe Suite CS5 and make the switch! With Adobe Creative Cloud, your business can operate more efficiently. Design better business materials with the Adobe Suites.

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