5 Unique Smart Gadgets That You Might Not Have Heard Of

Today’s smart gadgets do everything from warm your coffee mug to drive away burglars. And every year, more smart devices come to market trying to find a niche. In the rat race to attract consumers, some pretty interesting mouse traps are conceived — some that have the potential to revolutionize our lives and some that make minor tweaks. Here are five such gadgets you might not have heard of yet.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Today’s smart home sensors give users an easy way to manage their home’s operation, control their energy usage, and monitor their security. One sensor worth the investment is a programmable smart thermostat. While these smart gadgets are handy for adjusting home temps while on vacation, the Nest Learning Thermostat goes beyond remote operation.

This Google-made sensor uses AI to learn and adjust to your schedule and temperature preferences. If you like things warm in the mornings and cool at night, the Nest will learn to make these adjustments for you. Need things cooled off while hitting the home gym every morning? Nest will keep things comfortable for your 30-minute jog on the treadmill, then reset temps when you’re done.

2. PetChatz

Billed as a “digital daycare for your pet”, the PetChatz is an interactive media station for dog and cat owners who want to check in with their furry friends while at work or vacation. The PetChatz offers a two-way interactive video that works like Skype for you and your pet. A call from your mobile device alerts your pet with a unique sound that signals you want to chat. And your pet can call you too!

By activating a small, paw-controlled switch, Fluffy can send you a text alert. The PetChatz also sports a motion and sound detection feature that alerts you to accidents, thunderstorms, or intruders. It even dispenses aromatherapy and flings treats at your command. And these types of digital interactions can help alleviate separation anxiety in your pet while you’re gone.

3. Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device

Navigating today’s list of diet restrictions is overwhelming — no fats, no carbs, no meat, only meat. What’s a body to do? Smart gadgets to the rescue! The Lumen Metabolism Tracker can tell you exactly what and when to eat just by analyzing your breath. The Lumen works sort of like a small alcohol breathalyzer. Exhale into the device, and it measures the amount of CO2 concentration in your lungs.

Are you burning fat or carbs? The answer determines what you should eat or avoid throughout the day. Use the Lumen in the mornings, and it will give you a personalized nutrition plan based on your current metabolism and weight goals. Take a measurement just before a workout to see if you have enough fuel to make it through or need a Powerbar. Studies show that these types of meal timing strategies help lower appetite and improve fat burning.

4. Egg Minder

Who hasn’t been standing in the grocery aisle trying to remember if they need eggs or not? It’s a universal shopping experience. Most decide it’s better to buy more eggs than have to come back. Of course, you get home, and there’s that half dozen sitting in the fridge. Now you have eggs for three weeks. Fresh eggs get mixed with old eggs, which leads to waste. But those days of egg confusion are over.

The Egg Minder is a smart egg holder that records where, when, and how many eggs you have. Use the device’s mobile app at the grocery store to check the number of eggs in your fridge. The Egg Minder also keeps track of the age of your eggs by recording each one as they’re placed in the holder. While some reviews of the Egg Minder point out a few cons within the system (like taking an egg out and then putting it back in), the Egg Minder is a kitchen gadget that serves the basic function its name touts.

5. Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

The phrase “Did you brush your teeth?” is a constant refrain of parenthood. Many hours of a parent’s life checking for minty breath or feeling if the toothbrush is wet. All to keep cavities at bay. But parents who own the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush can simply check their phone.

The Kolibree tracks when and how you brush your pearly whites. It can remind you if you’ve missed a brushing, what areas of your teeth are getting less attention, and suggest changes to your routine. For the kids, the toothbrush’s app comes with an integrated pirate video game they can play on their phones while they brush.

Players control the game’s avatar by moving the Kolibree from one area of their mouth to another. The game makes brushing fun and ensures players brush every tooth for the recommended time. You can be sure to have a healthy set of teeth with the app and regular maintenance trips to the Dentist in Chicago.

In the realm of innovative smart gadgets for children, smart electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to make dental care fun and effective. If you’re looking to upgrade your child’s oral hygiene routine with technology that engages them, consider Brush Baby, which offers a range of kid-friendly designs.

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