How To Increase Engagement On Your YouTube Videos And Get More Likes

YouTube has already emerged as one of the biggest platforms for marketers to claim a share of the profit pie in a world where video-sharing has become more popular than ever. Still, there are many YouTube marketers on the site struggling to ensure enhanced engagement in their YouTube channels. If you’re one of them, you may simply follow a few tricks to change the situation significantly.

Rule #1: Shorter Videos are Likely to get more Views

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and think about what you will look for when searching for YouTube videos in the first place. As a rule of thumb, people are more attracted to videos that are shorter in length and with a good intro that is made with a use of an excellent intro maker for youtube. And I bet the same goes for you!

According to a recent assessment, YouTube videos which are between 20 to 120 seconds of length enjoy a formidable 50% views. Moreover, a video duration of fewer than 120 seconds has more chances of outperforming their longer counterparts.

With a rampant rush of social media platforms, people’s attention span is decreasing day by day. Therefore, it would be much easier to catch the viewer’s attention with shorter videos.

So, from now on every time you create a YouTube video, try limiting the video length to no more than a couple of minutes. From a marketing perspective, YouTube views are the cornerstone of your viewer engagement activity.

However, due to the nature of the content, it may not always be possible to limit your videos between 60-120 seconds. If this is the situation, you may put emphasis on other strategies, besides quality and creativity. To get started, you may buy YouTube likes which are authentic. They will give the audience the push to see what’s in the video; and, after that, the rest depends on the quality of your video. If it’s engaging enough, you may rest assured that there would be plenty of YouTube likes in no time!

Rule #2: Go back to the Basics, Use the Common SEO and Marketing Strategies for YouTube

For any beginner marketers, this is a common practice to explore the prowess of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the way to drive both quality and quantity traffic to any marketing regime by generating organic search traffic. SEOing your YouTube contents makes the videos easier to be found on YouTube search results. Certainly, the higher they appear on search results, the more views are guaranteed.

Despite the fact that SEO application varies from platform to platform, the basic principles regarding SEO is the same. Only their technical applications differ owing to different rules and regulations set by different marketing platforms.

You may consider these three SEO strategies for increasing YouTube engagement:

Keyword Optimization

Do some effective keyword research before posting any videos on YouTube, to find the relevant keywords that you want to rank higher for i.e. the targeted keywords. Before using any keywords make sure that they have a higher search volume.

Decent Video Description

Wrap your YouTube videos with a good description, so that it becomes possible for YouTube to rank your content. Since YouTube can’t listen to your videos, use long-tail keywords in the description to enhance the possibility of ranking higher. In turn, this will ensure more views.

Tireless Promotion

An incessant active promotional campaign is a prerequisite if you are wanting to get the desired number of engagement and viewership. Complement your marketing strategy with Twitter, email, and Facebook shares for decent engagement.

You could also buy YouTube likes that are authentic. It will attract many audiences to your channel. And, as the number rises, soon you will be receiving natural likes, too.

YouTube is a platform where over a billion users throng regularly. So, you could only make the most out of your YouTube marketing when you blend these techniques together. One key always remember is you can always get help from leoboost.

Rule #3: Encourage your viewers to like, share and comment

The way to engagement is a two-sided business. Both the channel owner and viewers will have to actively participate in this process. Comments, shares, and likes made on a particular video are the metrics to calculate engagement. As a YouTube marketer, it’s up to you to take all necessary steps to induce your audience to take these actions.

Thanks to the YouTube autoplay and suggestions, viewers keep on jumping from one video to another. Thus, the volume of ‘likes’ received gets lower and lower. Moreover, the number of comments on the video is even lower, as it takes extra effort to write something down. And, more importantly, it’s not as simple as just clicking the ‘like’ button.

All these factors combined lead YouTubers to spend the beginning and the ending of their video with an urge to viewers to give like comments etc. This is a common technique that eats up some precious seconds from a video, even though it’s a smaller one. Besides people often feel irritated to see the same messages in almost every video, which might decrease the value of your content.

When you buy YouTube likes, it automatically creates a sense of attraction towards the video; and if the content is really worth it, a large number of viewers will not hesitate to put comments, albeit in addition to giving likes.

Rule #4: Create and Post Quality Content on a Regular Basis

Your YouTube channel may not achieve the best results if there is no engaging content. After all, you can’t just stuff it with random videos. The same goes for any content marketer – be it a blog or YouTube channel.

Moreover, you can’t afford to post high-quality content with much effort, and going into hibernation afterward. You need to have a solid plan to be on top of your game. It might be difficult to create a blockbuster video every time; but if you can create quality YouTube videos, you can buy YouTube likes to keep your viewers stick to your YouTube channel every time there is a new video.

If your aim is to become a champion YouTuber, be relentless in your effort to post videos frequently. Always maintain a consistent and regular schedule for posting. You can do it ‘by hook or crook’. This way, you will be able to create a loyal fan base who would be looking forward to a new video almost every day.

There is, however, no room for compromising quality over quantity. Low quality and badly made videos will fail no matter what measures you take.

Although it could take a few months to get a significant result from your YouTube campaign, following the strategies discussed here will definitely bring more viewers, likes, and comments for sure.

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