Your Restaurant Needs This Employee Management Software

Running a restaurant has never been an easy task, and it might be harder today than ever before. There’s no shortage of new restaurants, and even food trucks, opening up — what’s great for diners presents challenges to those in the restaurant industry.

One of the intangible ingredients in every great restaurant is the people, and you know that business is running smoothly when your customers and staff are happy. The newest tool to help restaurant managers satisfy everybody is employee scheduling software — read on to learn more about how it works.

Reflexive Schedules, Produced Quickly

As its name suggests, employee scheduling software helps restaurants produce schedules in far less time — up to 80% less — than it would otherwise take. Keeping your staff working where they’re most useful makes the operation more efficient, and saves your restaurant 1-3% in labor costs.

But your staff will love how the process of schedule creation works. Instead of huddling around a busy calendar in the staffroom to pencil in your availability, each staff can remotely notify their manager about when they can work.

They can submit requests for days off and managers can give their approval all through the app. Just click here for more info about employee scheduling software, because it’s a sophisticated product that has many other ways it can give your restaurant a boost.

Ease of Use

Sometimes people worry that advanced gizmos are difficult to use, but with employee scheduling software there’s nothing to fear. It’ll be perfectly intuitive for anyone who has ever built a schedule using Excel or any similar template. The drag n’ drop schedule builder will have the job finished in minutes, instead of hours.

Because your staff’s availability and their time-off are automatically inserted into the schedule, all the information you need is clearly visible to help you reduce errors — you’ll never schedule someone who can’t work again.

Employee Feedback

Employee scheduling software has a built-in section for staff to rate and describe how their shift went. This gives managers an aerial view of their restaurant’s operations that lets them identify tiny problems before they grow, or recognize the positive ways your staff work together that may otherwise get lost in hard forms of data such as total sales or labor costs.

Advanced Time-Clock

Gone are the days of just punching “in” or “out.” Employee scheduling software has its own secure time-clock that lets staff create custom breaks, such as “coffee break” or “lunch.”

Employee scheduling software also sets limits on early punch-ins, enforces breaks, and even signs people out automatically after a certain amount of time if they forgot to do so themselves.

Employee scheduling software is a modern tool to make employee management easy and effortless. Keeping your restaurant an organized and satisfying place to work with tools like employee scheduling software will help reduce turnover. Happy restaurant staff tends to produce happy customers, and this leads to nothing but success!

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