5 More Budget-Conscious Gamer Life Hacks

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Getting an edge in your favorite game can be an expensive proposition. From computer glasses to communication devices, there can be hundreds of dollars spent on gear just to play a $60 game. For the gamer on a budget, that’s not very practical. These gamer life hacks will help you be able to get the loot you need to succeed in a game without spending all of your loot to do it.

#1. Shooting glasses

You can pick up a decent pair of shooting glasses at just about every sporting goods store in existence. They have yellow tinting on them just like your average pair of computer glasses. The tinting helps to eliminate the eye strain of the bright white of a computer screen and enhances the colors that are seen as you play the game, giving you more clarity. You really do have to see it to believe it… but why spend $67 on a pair of computer shades?

Our recommendation: Walker’s Sport High-Grade Polycarbonate Lenses

#2. Tablet Stylus

If you’re careful with your tablet surface, you don’t have to worry about putting down the protective plastic. What you can’t avoid are all of the fingerprints that eventually cover the surface and need to be cleaned off. Instead of stocking up on Pledge Electronics Wipes, try picking up a tablet stylus on the cheap. Watch the sales and you can get a pretty amazing deal without having to go through sketchy sites.

Our recommendation: Rocketfish – Stylus and Pen

#3. Cable Organization

In our home, we have three gaming systems, a DVD recorder, and a cheap set of rabbit ears for digital TV because we’re not going to pay an extra $240 per year for a second satellite box. That means we have 14 cords that are running here, there, and everywhere. To keep everything nicely organized, instead of zip ties, trying using heat shrink tubing. Your cords will get an extra layer of protection, everything still stays organized, and you won’t have to worry about the cracking that other forms of tubing can provide.

It also helps to prevent damage to adapters and extensions, like transitioning a mUSB to USB.

Our recommendation: Anytime Tool’s 48 Piece Set

#4. Power Cord Organization

Those bricks that are on power cords can be problematic to store. Some of them are big enough and get hot enough that you can literally fry an egg on them without much difficulty. This takes any flammable storage materials out of the equation. You can’t just leave it out loose either because Fido loves the the warmth of the brick and inevitably sits on it, disconnecting your power.

Those bricks are also sensitive to power surges. Sure – lightning can cause a power surge, but so can your refrigerator. You need to get organized, yet be protected.

Our recommendation: Anker USB Power Strip Surge Protector

#5. Headset Storage

If you’re using an over-the-head headphone style communication set for gaming, then storing it near the system is almost mandatory so you’re not desperately searching for it. This is easily one of the best gamer life hacks out there. You could purchase hooks that stand next to the television or just toss the headphones next to the gaming system on the shelf, but that can mess up the cords. The solution? A residue-free heavy duty hook that can affix to the side or back of your television.

Our recommendation: Command Large Utility Hooks

What life hacks have you figured out that help you enjoy your gaming on the cheap? Share your ideas below!

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