Room Refresh: Simple Ways To Liven Up Your WFH Space

Nothing influences focus and productivity more than working in a lively atmosphere. This is especially true if you are one of the many people who take preference to tranquil and relaxing work environments. It’s no wonder why many companies prioritize their employees’ comfort, health, and safety at the workplace. But what if you work from an office or workspace in your home?

Working From Home (WFH) 

Well, an early 2021 study by Mercer showed that nearly 70 percent of companies planned on adopting a hybrid model permanently, where employees worked partially from the office and partially remotely. From the surveys, most employees preferred working from home, citing reasons such as more freedom, flexibility, less pressure, and so forth.

Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that working from home is without challenges. Or does it? From household distractions to the lack of proper equipment, many factors can affect your workspace, impeding your productivity in the long run. Nonetheless, sometimes all you need is to give your WFH space a revamping. 

Without further ado, here are a few ways you can give your workstation a refresh and liven it up when working from home.

1. Add some flora 

Nothing beats natural elements when it comes to freshening up the look of any interior space, especially the office. Apart from adding some spice and beauty, indoor plants are natural air purifiers. Simply introducing a succulent bouquet or two in stylish vases could work magic. They can make your space more inviting, reduce stale air, and introduce nice fragrances that keep you focused.

2. Light it up nicely 

If you are like most people, you probably find it hard to concentrate in a dull space. Staying productive is also an uphill task while working from a room too bright. Besides having all the right work from home essentials, livening up your space would mean adding more functional light, reducing, or replacing the existing fixtures/light bulbs. The good thing is that you’re at liberty to adjust such aspects to your liking, unlike in the company’s office where procedures must be followed if at all you have a say in such matters.

3. Colors matter 

If recent studies were anything to go by, the colors around the workspace can have an impact on one’s creativity and wellbeing. From the same findings, the following conclusions were drawn on three of the most prominent colors and their effects on creativity at work.

  • Blue – Promoted brainstorming twofold
  • Yellow – Promoted happiness and sociability
  • Green – Enhanced creativity by nearly 20 percent

4. Say no to clutter 

When working from a cluttered space, it can be extremely challenging to stay focused and accomplish tasks on time. Furthermore, the last thing you’d want is to receive a client, only for them to find a messy and disorganized workspace or office. Make a point of ensuring whatever belongs to the trash can goes to the bin, and whatever’s important is stored well.

Investing in office organizers and office storage cabinets can help minimize clutter in your WFH space. Don’t sit back as clutter piles up at your workstation, it happens really quickly at times, especially if your job involves dealing with paperwork. If you can’t repaint the entire office, introducing a few bright-colored equipment and accessories could be a great alternative.

For most people, it can be a buzzkill to liven up a workspace. Especially if you don’t have an eye for interior décor, you could end up spending a whole bag of money to achieve the look and feel you’re looking for. As you invest in an ergonomic chair desk, and other furniture, remember to pay great attention to the factors mentioned above.

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