Hexlock Proves To Be The Best Media Vault App

Today more than ever, personal data security has found its way into nearly every industry. The need to protect information from prying eyes, whether they be a unnoticed hacker or the simmering NSA, has reached a new peak. The photography industry has raised their voices by sending a letter from the Freedom of the Press Foundation to camera-makers Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Kodak and Ricoh. They request in their letter that the companies create encryption into the cameras so their photographs and videos are no longer at risk. Until then all those who signed the letter should go out and download Hexlock for their own media vault and data protection.

Hexlock App

Hexlock is a wonderful and easy to use app that will protect your privacy and secure your mobile apps from intruders. Ranked as an Editors Choice in the Google Play store, Hexlock has proved to be an invaluable asset to professionals and anyone who downloads it.  You can easily set up a PIN password or a pattern lock that will allow you to share your phone with friends or strangers without being concerned about prying eyes.

With Hexlock you can now protect your Gallery, SMS, Calls, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Kik and much more with this app protector. Don’t let your nudes end up on the internet, or your video interview with Edward Snowden be corrupted by a lurking NSA member. Keep your pictures safe with Hexlock’s new Media Vault to hide photo and video files in a locked gallery vault only you can open. Hexlock is proven to be the best app locker for parental control and offers users state of the art customized protection wherever you go.

Hexlock Key Features

Lock your apps not your device: The app allows you to share your phone worry free. Set safeguards to the apps, photos and videos you want protected.

Automatically Locks Apps: When you enter an area your phone is unfamiliar with the foreign wifi will signal to Hexlock it is time to go to work.

Hide Pictures With Media Vault: Don’t wait for Canon and Nikon to do the right thing and encrypt their devices. Download Hexlock and start protecting your sensitive material today.

Set Parental Controls: Tired of your kid racking up piles of mobile app bills? Use Hexlock to prevent your kids from downloading unwanted apps or content while keeping them safe on the internet.

Take Control Of Your Own Privacy: The most important thing to remember about Hexlock is that it puts you in control. You have the power to protect yourself and your information. Don’t allow others to violate your private information.


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