5 Great Tools For Relieving Tense And Sore Muscles At Home

If you’re like most people, you probably have a busy schedule around the clock, sometimes even juggling between multiple tasks. Life can be hectic in the modern-day, it is what it is! It is no surprise that your muscles can easily get tense and sore even if you don’t notice it.

If you’ve been experiencing muscle pain or soreness lately, your first instinct might be to jump right into the car and make a trip to the local pharmacy. But before you waste time and money on over-the-counter medication, one alternative is worth considering; something that can help to relieve discomfort at home.

Without further ado, here are a few tools you can use to relieve tension and soreness in your muscles at home.

1. Percussive Massage Guns 

If you’re in dire need of relief from tight muscles, you may be interested in percussive massage machines. These massaging tools work by producing small sound waves that are physically focused on the affected area.

The vibrations or percussive movements from the tool helps to break up scar tissue and rid the affected area of tension. Including Theragun Prime, quality models come with a varying number of loops and attachment heads, all designed for use on different parts of the body where you could be experiencing muscle soreness or pain.

2. Self-Massage Bands

Another effective relief tool for muscle pain and soreness is the self-massage band. These are hands-free massage products that you can place on your body and work on your muscles at your own pace.

You can either place them on your feet or even your calves for an amazing rubdown. The devices are designed in such a way that you’ll get deep tissue massage anywhere you place them, however, you want.

3. Massage Balls 

Unlike a massage chair that requires you to lean back, bounce, and generally become motionless for your massage, a massage ball makes for a more mobile and interactive experience.

You just hold the ball in your hand and spin it as you move around. You can even hold it in the middle of the bed for a full-body massage. And here’s the best part… Most of these massage balls can be purchased online, plus you won’t need to make any alterations or modifications to your existing home space.

4. Foam Roller 

Did you really know that you can get a great workout without using any equipment? Perhaps you did, but what someone told you that you could get a great workout without really getting a workout? Well, this is what a foam roller – which is mentioned as an excellent DIY massage tool for back pain ­– does for you.

Just place it under the affected area and start rolling. Whether you woke up all stiff and achy, or you’re experiencing post-workout muscle tension, the tool can help.

The rolling motion basically helps to massage out any stiffness or pain in your body. It might take a couple of rounds, but if you keep at it, you’ll soon start noticing how much more of a benefit the rolling motion of this particular product can provide.

When picking one, remember that there are different types of foam rollers. They come in different thicknesses, textures, lengths, and comfort levels.

5. Massage Sticks 

These tools are small and lightweight, but they are filled with rollers and sesame oil and are capable of delivering some serious relief to those tight and tense muscles. You can use them for deep tissue massage or on your feet or hamstrings to help relax them. You can also use them to loosen up your hips, back, and shoulders.

Nonetheless, it is always advised to start with small massages and move your way up. When you begin with low-level massages, your muscles will be more sensitive and receptive to the movements of the massage sticks.  

Well, it is always advisable to seek orthopedic advice when dealing with muscle pain and soreness. However, having a way to relieve these issues at home may help buy time and provide comfort if not reduce the need for a doctor’s appointment. The above tools are worth looking into.

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