5 Digital Businesses You Could Start Today

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Business is not hard. Use a skill, market it a bit, and be reliable. Just doing what you promise will put you ahead of most of the lazy competition. No offense to the nebulous competition, but laziness is rampant. Disorganization is also a big issue for many small businesses. Being organized and on schedule will put you ahead of even more of the competition.

Computer Desk

If you are needing some extra cash, a small business is a good way to infuse some quick cash into the budget. A part time job may be a simpler way to make money, but you can only work so many hours. A business can generate money in bigger stacks in a hurry. Working by the job is always better than by the hour, to quote the greatest quote master to ever run for President Of The United States, Ross Perot.

What kind of business can you start? Better yet, what kind of startup can you get running today? Glad you asked. We will focus on internet themed businesses for a faster start.

  1. Appliance Repairman – Crazy right. But with youtube and other how to video websites, you can learn to fix most any household appliance. It would be easy to make $50 an hour with simple repairs on washers, dryers, or ice makers. I’m a mechanical knucklehead, and even I can fix things when I have a video to guide me.
  2. Google Adwords Expert – 12 hours of study and you will know more than 98% of business owners who need people to find their way to the businesses’ website. You can sell this expert help from the comfort of your home and the world is your target market.
  3. Website Consultant – Most local small businesses don’t do a great job with their websites. They usually have a friend create it then never bother to try and engage visitors. You could consult these small business owners on ways to actually make money with their websites.
  4. Thrift Store Flipper – Don’t buy the store, you are not a real estate mogul. Just buy the items that you can turn a profit on through eBay or Craigslist. Stick to items you have knowledge of already and always negotiate. It’s a thrift store. They need to move product, so more junk….I mean items, can be put on the shelves.
  5. Craft SalesEtsy is a great place to sell your handmade goods. Will you get rich? Not likely. But if you are creating things you like to work on anyway, this is a better option than delivering pizza part time. If you are creative you can sell a digital product on Etsy, like a sewing pattern, repeatedly after working on it just once. Make one, sell it many times over. That is the road to riches.
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