How To Buy XRP With BTC

Cryptocurrencies and such technologies as blockchain have become part and parcel of today’s world and there is a constantly growing body of digital coins introduced into the market. Of course, Bitcoin still remains the most prominent one.

The purpose of its development was to create a digital coin to buy products and services with it. It works on a public blockchain ledger with transaction verification. Users constantly confirm transactions and put them into the blockchain working as a ledger of all the platform processes.

In return for the time they spend and the computational performance required for validation users receive an award in the form of bitcoins after successful validation of a set of transactions.

Whereas BTC is still a clear frontrunner in the crypto sphere in terms of the capitalization and the pace of implementation, other applicants keep moving on due to increase adaptive capacity and various apps. XRP is number three in the top of cryptocurrencies as regards market cap after BTC and ETH.

It is frequently called Ripple, despite the fact that XRP is essentially the coin, and Ripple is the firm owning it. The purpose of establishing Ripple is the emergence of the new payment method for the banking system, i.e., the creation of an alternative interbanking transfer system.

The original idea was to develop the safest, open, and low-cost platform where assets are transferred directly in real time. Also, XRP transaction validation time and transaction costs compare favorably with the ones of bitcoin.

We invite you to read below to find a step-by-step guide on how to buy ripple with bitcoin with a few simple and quick operations using the Quickex service — in our experience, one of the best exchange platforms in terms of prices and security.

1. First, open the site and log in to your account. To sign up you’ll only need to enter your email.

2. At the bottom of the page, you will see the list of crypto pairs available for exchange. Choose an “BTC to XRP” option.

3. In the window that pops up enter the number of bitcoins you want to exchange and press the “Exchange” bottom to proceed.

4. Take a look at the order details. Please, double-check all the information: verify the amount, make sure the exchange rate and estimated arrival time are suitable for you. Enter your BTC origin and XRP destination wallet address.

5. The exchange process starts.

It includes three phases, as follows:

– Receiving confirmation. After BTC is confirmed on the blockchain, Quickex begins to exchange it to XRP.

– Exchanging. It usually takes 5-30 minutes, but the average time is about 12 minutes.

– Sending to the destination wallet. Now Quickex is sending XRP to your wallet. Check it once the transaction is complete.

Here we are! The process is finished, now you can check your Ripple wallet. Be aware that despite the fact that the transaction is completed, on several occasions your wallet may need additional confirmation to display your received funds. Just wait until your funds are displayed.

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