3 Ways To Put A Geeky Spin On Your Wedding Proposal

On average, it takes 4.4 months for a wedding proposal to be planned, according to a recent Jewelry & Engagement Study. If you are planning to ask your partner to marry you, you have more than likely spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the best way to do it. While there is nothing wrong with a traditional proposal, there are a number of ways to pop the question in a geeky way. From creating a cool custom-made comic book to ending a board game with a surprise proposal, here’s a closer look at some truly innovative and nerdy marriage proposals.

Create a cool comic book

If you and your partner are comic book lovers, using one to pop the question will undoubtedly be a great idea. The comic book should feature you and your partner as the main characters, either in your fabulous human form or as superheroes. The plot can focus on your journey as a couple, ending either with your proposal or the actual wedding. You can include as many supporting characters as you like, and choose to depict the highlights of your entire relationship or just a segment of it. If you are very creative, you can design the comic book yourself, or alternatively, enlist the help of someone with great drawing skills. Either way, your proposal comic book is bound to become a precious keepsake that can be admired by generations to come.

Opt for a geeky ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring often turns out to be quite an ordeal, purely due to the countless options available. If your partner is every bit as geeky as you are, a movie, game or comic-themed ring will definitely make a good impression. Whether your partner is a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, or even Pokemon, you can rest assured that you will find a ring that is nothing short of fantastic. Although online stores such as Etsy do carry a variety of fantasy rings suitable for an engagement, most reputable jewelers, like Larsen Jewellery, will also gladly craft a custom design ring for you. Even if you are looking for a more timeless ring, opt for one of the current hot trends that feature a minimalist or vintage-style design.  

Everyone wins in a marriage proposal board game

As a geeky couple, chances are you enjoy sitting down to unwind with a board game. If this is the case, a board game wedding proposal may be the way to go. There is a range of creative ways in which you can incorporate your proposal into a board game. If you are extremely creative you can design your own game that ends with the two of you getting engaged. Alternatively, put a romantic spin on one of your favorite board games.

Have a stash of extra tile with you to spell out “Will you marry me” while playing a game of Scrabble.  If you play a quiz-based game like Trivial Pursuit or Wit’s End, you can have a special card printed with your proposal on it. Imagine your partner’s surprise when you ask them to marry you instead of reading out the expected entertainment or geography-themed question.

Asking your partner to marry you is a huge deal. Putting a geeky, fun spin on your proposal is sure to make your special day even more memorable.

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