10 Unconventional Hangover Remedies To Have At Hand If You’re An Avid Party-Goer

If you are someone who loves to party you will probably be used to burning the midnight oil and dealing with the consequences the next day.

You might already have some traditional hangover cures that you reach for when the morning has come around too quickly for your liking but it is worth exploring some more unconventional ideas to see how they work for you.

For instance, did you know that mild to moderate CBD hemp oils might help you cope with a hangover?

Here are some left-field choices to think about after the party has ended.

Feeling sick?

One of the worst aspects of a hangover is when you feel the urge to vomit as a way of getting the alcohol out of your system.

CBD oils offer some anti-nausea benefits through interaction with serotonin in your brainstem.

You don’t have to follow the science to grasp the fact that CBD oils could help you fight off your feelings of sickness.

Eat a banana before you go to sleep

Next time you party too hard try to remember to eat a banana and drink a large glass of water with it before going to sleep.

This combination has helped many to wake up the next day feeling better than they thought possible.

Try coconut water

Another one to try would be coconut water. Apparently, it is the electrolytes in it that replenish your body and help you to fight a hangover.

Add some salt

One of the main reasons why you are feeling so bad with a hangover is down to dehydration and water is one of the simplest ways to fix the problem.

However, you could speed up the process by adding some salt to your drink. About half a teaspoon of salt for every two liters of water should do the trick.

Make your bath even hotter

Wasabi has excellent properties when it comes to purging toxins from your body. Add some to your bath rather than trying to eat it and let it work its magic on your hangover.

Mustard is another option

Another natural hangover detox bathing option to consider would be mustard. You could simply add mustard powder to your bath or buy a readymade mustard bath solution in preparation for your night of partying.

Feeling brave?

Depending on how hungover you are feeling you might want to resort to this cure but it is not for the fainthearted.

Pickle juice is absolutely loaded with the salty electrolytes that get your body on track but it will take some doing to stick a straw into the jar and start sucking up that juice.

A natural alternative to popping headache pills

Get a jar of tiger balm and rub some into the back of your neck and across your temple. It should help to bring that headache under control in a more natural way.

A morning-after “cocktail” to help fix your hangover

Fix yourself this drink the next morning and it will help you fight your hangover.

The list for this concoction is one part lemon juice to two parts water, a little dash of dandelion extract, and ginger, topped off with a dose of activated charcoal. This drink gets to work on repairing your liver function as quickly as possible.

Chocolate milk can be a good pick-me-up

Too much alcohol will cause your stomach lining to become inflamed and this sweet chocolaty milk will settle things down by raising your blood sugar levels and rehydrating your body.

Next time you are ready to party all night name sure you have a hangover cure in mind that can help you deal with the consequences the next morning.

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