Car World Records Facts You May Not Know About But Will Impress You

Several car world records have been set across the country and world. One of the most famous is the Guinness Book of World Records for being the worlds’ fastest road vehicle, which drag race driver Dan Gurney set in 1996. The record still stands today. Another famous one is the Aqua Bluebook, which listed the fastest drag race times from each year since 1960. It also listed the records for non-drug race cars.

Car World Records Facts You May Not Know About But Will Impress You

Some of the drag race records that the drag queens of the world have set include those for lap times and speeds. Many have set records in the open class of drag races such as the Pepsi Challenge. There are many car shows and exhibitions worldwide to see these fabulous cars and meet the car owners who build them. Some of these owners have set their car world records, which are sometimes challenged by others who make faster versions of the cars. You can see the cars and watch them at these events.

Drag Racing & Fast Cars

Some of the car owners have Drag Race experience but not officially. These cars often win races, but they do not have official world records. Some clubs and organizations challenge vehicles in racing competitions. Some of these clubs will hold annual meetings where owners and builders show off their drag race records and challenge other clubs and organizations to beat their times and possibly develop new world records. These records are then made available to the public so others who may be curious about them may find out about them.

The drag race industry is big business, indeed, and it’s a highly competitive one. Parts of it are in high demand, and racing for money is one thing that the cars are designed to do. Some vehicles have better horsepower than others, but some are faster in the heat of the moment. It’s often said that the quickest car in a drag race could be the slowest car in a flat-out run as well. The Lethal Performance F-150 is now touted as the “quickest and fastest F-150 in the world.”

If you’re interested in finding out about world records for cars, you can contact officials of various organizations or check out the local paper. Many publications feature lists of records for various events around the country and region. You may also be able to find out about world records for specific car types. Car World Records is one of those organizations.

In the United States, the organization holds national meetings of owner-operators of dragstrips and nitro-methane cars. They also conduct regional conferences for the different states throughout the country. 

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