Should Restaurant Employees Be Trained In First Aid?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 11 million Americans work in the food service and restaurant industry. Plenty of injuries and accidents occur in commercial kitchens and dining rooms all throughout the United States. While some states in the U.S. require first aid training and CPR certification, most of them don’t. In fact, only 14 states have laws that relate to providing first aid to a choking victim. As a result, workplace injuries often take place. Sometimes, it can cause emergency room visits or even hospitalizations. This begs the question, “Should restaurant employees be trained in first aid?” Keep reading to learn more below.

Learning first aid is just as important as learning how to use restaurant equipment

In the hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment, accidents can happen. It’s crucial for restaurant employees to be equipped with first aid skills to handle such situations effectively. If you’re in the Richmond Hill area, consider enrolling in a first aid course. First Aid Richmond Hill offers comprehensive training programs that can empower you and your team to respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently.

If your restaurant employees are already learning how to operate restaurant equipment safely, then it shouldn’t be too far-fetched to have them learn first aid as well. Finding good first aid supplies and kits is as easy as searching local vendors. You can even shop for a CPR manikin online. First aid suppliers are available for general customers, as well as for specialty customers, such as food services.

Restaurant owners and managers are trusting foodservice employees to use kitchen equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, and other appliances. Equipment can sometimes be complicated, and they’re safety hazards when they’re not used properly. It’s important to have knowledgeable staff if you want to run a successful food business.

If your staff is already learning the ins and outs of using equipment safely, navigating first aid should also be held with the same importance. Business owners who are looking to find the best restaurant equipment Las Vegas has to offer can refer to The Restaurant Warehouse. They’ll guarantee the lowest prices for restaurant supplies for your Las Vegas establishment. Just check out their online catalog of products so that you can run a perfect restaurant in the Sin City.

Restaurant employees should be trained in first aid in case emergency situations arise

In order to learn CPR, an employee can simply type “CPR class near me” into any search engine. Online CPR certification courses are available at the American Health Care Academy, which makes it easy to learn first aid techniques. The online course allows you to brush up and learn all about how to perform CPR, how to do the Heimlich maneuver, and what to do in case of emergencies. You’ll learn how to identify an emergency situation, then you can select the certification course you’re hoping to learn.

If you’re considering training your restaurant employees in first aid, there are a variety of online courses available to help you do so. One option is to check out C2C First Aid Aquatics, which offers online first aid, CPR, and AED training. Their courses are designed to be convenient and flexible, so your employees can complete them on their own time. Click here to learn more about their online first aid courses.

This is a convenient way for any restaurant employee to learn how to administer first aid in any situation that calls for it. Once the employee learns the material and passes the quiz, they can print out a card with their certification on it. As an employer, you can require this from your employees so that they’re always prepared in an emergency situation that may occur at the restaurant, whether that’s in the kitchen or the dining space.

Learning proper safety protocols reduces the risk of severe injury

The reason why learning first aid is so essential is that it reduces the risk of severe injury. For example, scrapes and cuts can easily turn into infections and worsen over time. It’s also not uncommon for kitchen staff to experience burns. If there is a situation in which the burns are severe, then administering proper aid prior to the arrival of professional medical services is absolutely crucial.

In the event that someone collapses in the kitchen or the dining room due to cardiac arrest, administering proper CPR techniques can help save their life through chest compressions until medical services arrive.

There are many reasons why employees should be taking courses for these emergency situations. As you can see, taking an online course or first aid training doesn’t require much. Basic first aid is an important life skill in any environment, but it’s especially important for jobs that involve servicing others.

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