10 Tips for a Successful Online Presentation

The working and studying environments have changed over the past decades. People no longer need to be in offices or in a physical classroom to work or to study effectively. Working or studying from home is the common norm, and online presentation is the technology trend on the move to shape the future.

 Even though the online presentation is a global norm, it comes packed with a set of challenges. Not one, not two, but many online presenters tend to have a fear or anxious element to the extent they feel like they aren’t ready for the task. You shouldn’t worry because, with the improved technology, you can buy essay papers and perform your online presentation with ease.

This guide provides you with practical tips during your next online presentation. With the tips, you will realize how easy it is to perform an online presentation and capture everyone’s attention.

Best tips to help you with online presentation

The following are among the best practical tips for online presentations:

Prepare early enough

Before an online presentation, there is a lot you need to prepare for. With technology, anything can go wrong when you least expect it. Therefore, your focus should be on the key elements that make the online presentation successful. Among the things to prepare before the actual presentation include the following:

  • A steady internet connection
  • A spare computer
  • Saved presentations
  • Closing irrelevant tabs
  • Practicing how to use the platform you will be presenting from
  • Be on the platform early enough
  • Practice talking in front of a camera to gain confidence

Simplify Your Slides

Different online presentation platforms have varied ways of displaying the slides. If your slides are complex, you might have a hard time during the presentation. Therefore, keeping the slides simple and visible is the real deal.

You can simplify the slides using the following techniques:

  • Center the texts with higher contrast for easy visibility
  • Use headings, then explain the main point in paragraphs
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Remove any possible distractions

Do away with any form of distraction that will distract you or the audience. Things like pets, food, plants, food, and even scuttered books are likely to divert attention. Besides, a scattered space defines your personality at large.

Eye contact is important

As you do an online presentation, you need to demonstrate a high level of confidence. This is the only way the audience will focus on what you are trying to communicate.

Therefore, ensure your laptop is raised well enough such that the camera is set at eye level. You can, therefore, put anything below your laptop to raise it to the required height.

Also, make sure you lean back a little to avoid being close to your computer. Of course, this will make your face look funny in the eyes of the audience. Finally, don’t forget to smile and look good to make your presentation amazing.

Engage your audience throughout

The goal of an online presentation is to ensure the audience gets the message you are trying to pass across. It can be hard for the audience to keep engaged throughout the whole session, especially if your presentation is quite long.

The good part is that the same technology has made it possible to use sophisticated tracking features for some web conferencing platforms to enhance the attention of the audience.

In any case, preparing adequately, putting all your materials in order, and maintaining professional approaches are the keys to engaging your audience throughout the presentation.

Avoid noisy places

If you are doing your presentation from home, you are likely to experience background noise that will divide your attention. For instance, your spouse or children shouting from the background will alter your presentation.

While setting up a quiet room for yourself is the best idea, you can as well invest in noise-canceling headphones to manage any background noise that can pop up during the presentation time. 

Don’t ignore the need for perfect lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in how you appear during the presentation. Therefore, ensure the light is as optimal as possible. In fact, go the extra mile and set up a desktop lamp in a good position if there is a need to.

Other useful approaches that will help you optimize the lighting are:

  • Don’t sit behind a window transmitting bright light; instead, the bright window should be in front of you to neutralize the light.
  • Lower the shades to neutralize lights coming from other parts of the room to enhance how you look during the presentation.
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Dress nicely

While you may be tempted to overlook the need to dress promptly since it’s an online presentation, how you look plays a major role in captivating the attention of the audience. Besides, dressing in a professional manner will boost your confidence and make you deliver a captivating presentation.

Choosing brighter colors can interfere with the lighting in the room, thus affecting how you look generally. Therefore, get an official outfit with solid colors that suit the presentation best. Next, focus on how to deliver your presentation promptly!

Be fun, don’t be boring!

No matter what you are presenting, you shouldn’t put on a hard face throughout, and neither should you maintain a professional tone throughout. Cracking relatable jokes here and there will hook the audience to your perennation until the end. However, you need to be creative to ensure the fun part aligns with the information you are passing across.

Hook your audience in the beginning

Most importantly, make sure you have the attention of the audience before you begin your presentation. A solid hook will have your audience glued to your presentation from the beginning to the end. A hook can be anything as long as it relates to the message you want to pass across. It can be a simple statement, a quote, a question, or any other idea that will cross your mind.


Are you almost doing your presentation? Well, use the above tips to ace your presentation and come out boldly.

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