Using Instagram To Better Your Business

At this time Instagram is constantly growing and evolving. It has around 1 billion users on a daily basis, but 33% of those persons actually want to purchase stuff online and they research on the site.

That’s why every business needs to buy real looking Instagram followers and also promote their business so they can generate more sales. Instagrowing can help you with all of that and it has the potential to pay off in a powerful and exciting manner.

Why Should You Use Instagram?

Instagram has immediate access to one of the most powerful advertising features that you can find out there. Facebook acquired Instagram as you know, and that means you will have the same Facebook ads system. This is amazing for targeting, which allows businesses to explore new things and evolve in a powerful and very distinct manner. You can easily target the audience you want without a problem and the ROI can be huge!

Retargeting Features

This allows you to target those persons that didn’t make a purchase right now. Thanks to it you can create some custom retarget audiences. This can be based on video views, email lists and post engagement as well. If you use the idea adequately you will be able to generate more leads and extraordinary results in a powerful and very distinctive manner.

Sales And Lead Tracking

Because it has the same Facebook ad manager system, it also comes with great tracking capabilities. And that means you can see quite a lot of stuff, such as leads to conversions, the cost per result on the marketing campaign and so on. You can break down results, you can view results and you will know what category buys your stuff the most in the end.

Making The Most Out of Instagram

You want to post quality content and you want to post often. Ideally, you will post 1-2 times per day here. You can also use their algorithmic timeline in order to see what type of posts your audience reacts to the most. Making the posting process a routine is important because it will offer more consistency and value, not to mention everyone will be a whole lot happier with the results and the experience as a whole as time goes by.

However, it is not only about hashtags. Read this article by Pink Spaghetti to learn about other ways to grow on Instagram.

You could also buy real looking Instagram followers to boost your exposure. And you can go even further to use apps and tools that will publish and schedule stuff a lot easier for you. The process is more seamless, and you can reach people from all over the world whenever you want.

Use The Best Hashtags And Don’t Overdo It

Hashtags offer you exposure and they make it easy to enter the user feeds. Ideally, you want to go with that community with whom you share the right interests. You don’t want it to be generic, instead, you want to create a hashtag and opt for stuff that actually matters. You can also create a hashtag that’s really created for your business. It definitely works and it can be adapted to suit your needs the most.

Also, you want to figure out how many hashtags you can use per post. The idea is to have them connect with one another. And while you are allowed to use up to 30, you don’t want to overdo it. Avoid having more hashtags than content characters, that’s strange and not quite ok.

Create All Kinds Of Content

Instagram might be a photo sharing platform at its core, but now brands can use a plethora of features to promote themselves. You can still share photos all the time, but there are also live feeds, stories and videos that can be added in order to make the user experience better and more refined. 400 million people or more than that are there to check stories for example, a testament to how dedicated these people can be.

Since Instagram is growing all the time, you really have to find a way to expand your business to the next level and adapt to the situation. It’s always worth the effort and you can indeed grow your company this way. Just try to be focused and committed to the best results, and the value can be second to none!

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