How Companies Can Engage Their Audience Thanks To Live Streaming

Streaming has taken off, and not even in the way that Netflix wants you to think. Streaming TV shows rather than broadcasting them is all well and good, but there are people like you and me, without the budget, without the production team, without the hassle, streaming content straight to the screens of an eager audience. 

And brand marketers are missing out. You can engage an oddly well-dedicated audience with very little effort due to streaming. Its popularity is rising, and few Silicone Valley marketers can understand why. We’re here to break it all down for you. Take a look at our guide to engaging an audience with streaming. 

With quality content

The idea of what makes quality content has shifted somewhat since everyone started watching their entertainment from their laptops. Sure, you have the high brow stuff that HBO puts out, but there are YouTube view counts that could put the finale of Game of Thrones to shame. 

People are interested in everything, so whatever you think might be boring, stream it. Building a PC, eating food, talking about current events: everyone wants to see it. There are even creators making a living from studying quietly on stream to give other students someone to hang out with. Some people are playing music, some are asleep, some are playing games, some are just chatting. 

And, with OTT specialists, you can stream over the top of another output, so you have even more content. Think Eurovision with different narrators for each country or adding a sign language interpreter to a show. But there are a lot of creative ways that you can use this tool. Check out the Red Bee Media website for some ideas. 

With a two-way conversation

One of the biggest benefits from streaming is that it takes the biggest benefit of YouTube entertainment and makes it live: the para-social relationship. Fans are very loyal to influencers because there is a two-way conversation going on. On YouTube, the creator says something, the fans comment, and the YouTuber responds elsewhere. But that’s very slow and limiting for a two-way conversation, where you simply have to have faith that the creator is looking most of the time. However, streaming offers fans a chance to know that their comment was seen. In platforms like Twitch, commenters can donate to make sure the streamer sees it. If the streamer ignores it this time, it’s very telling. It makes for a smoother conversation between fans and streamers. You can incorporate this to up engagement. 

With your glittering personality

The thing with content that can be very basic is that it relies on the personality of the creator, most of the time. No one is going to mind if a kid studying is boring. 

But if you’re doing something like building a PC and not engaging with the camera, people are going to click off. That’s a step too far into boring territory and unless you’re Henry Caville, the content isn’t engaging enough to stick with. 

Luckily, fans aren’t too fussy. If you can keep a conversation going, you will appeal to someone. On either side of the extremes, people will find you edgy or wholesome, and anywhere in between is good enough for them. 

So, share your opinion, ask people for theirs, admit when you’re not sure, crack jokes, even bad ones, and keep chatting to show your personality. 

Fans get a range of feelings from different streaming genres. Sometimes they’re looking for something calm as background noise to relax. Sometimes they want to be interested in something. Sometimes they want some excitement. You’d be surprised at the wide variety of content that can hit any of these, and sometimes all three. 

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