How To Install A Roof Top Tent

A roof top tent is a popular way to camp comfortably. Avoid the cold, bumpy ground and pack up your tent conveniently with these high-quality tents. Installing your own tent requires a few steps, but in no time you’ll be ready for your next camping trip. Shop for the latest trends and other truck accessories near me for affordable options.

Check Your Dynamic Weight Capacity

Roof top tents are popular for trucks and Jeeps. While they can be used with some SUVs and other vehicles, it’s important to check out your weight limitations first. Roof top tents attach to your roof rack, which has a specific weight rating. The dynamic weight capacity describes the amount of weight that can be safely installed and kept in place while your vehicle is moving down the road. Unless you want to lose your tent on the highway, it’s important to follow this weight rating.

Read the Owner’s Manual

As long as you’re in the clear, it’s time to get to work installing your tent. While rooftop tents look remarkably similar, there are a number of mounting hardware options. It’s best to check your owner’s manual before installing your tent. A Smittybilt Gen 2 tent installation is going to look very different than another tent, so follow the individual instructions for your tent.

Choose a Mounting Location

Despite the unique instructions, most tents follow a few basic steps. First, you need to determine the mounting location. Some tents allow you to choose between side and rear mounting. There are pros and cons to each type. Rear-mounted tents tend to give you more storage space on your roof rack and take up less space while your vehicle is parked. This is particularly true of larger vehicles. Smaller vehicles should consider a side-mounted strategy. This gives you enough headroom to open your tailgate or trunk while your tent is set up.

Prepare Mounting Hardware

Roof top tents install directly to your roof rack. The mounting hardware can vary, and some hardware requires you to cut it to size. Check that your mounting hardware is compatible with your roof rack and install it before taking out your tent. Ensure a firm foundation so your tent stays in place as you travel to your next destination.

Install Your Tent

Once you have a firm foundation, it’s time to install your tent. Follow the owner’s manual for your tent and be sure it can open correctly. Your tent should fold up securely to prevent flapping in the wind. Take a short trip around the block to be sure your tent is secure and ready for the ride. Practice opening and closing it so you’re not fumbling in the dark on your first camping trip.

Order Your Roof Top Tent Today

Now that you’re feeling confident installing your own tent, it’s time to make a purchase. Shop online today to explore tent options that fit your vehicle. Compare weights, customer reviews, and dimensions to enjoy the perfect tend to complement your truck overlanding gear. Sleep comfortably away from the cold, hard ground on your scenic rooftop perch.

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