Working From Home: The Coronavirus Solution That’s Here To Stay

It’s clear that the Covid-19 outbreak has drastically disrupted productive activity in all sectors on a worldwide scale. Most companies have seen their production plummet to levels they couldn’t have predicted and as such have had to seek new ways to adapt to the current conditions until it becomes possible to reach a new normal.

One solution being used with great effectiveness is the implementation of working from home and the virtual development of many operations which were part of workers’ routines. Although it can’t completely replace the work that was being carried out before, it is a very valid way of attempting to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic as much as possible while the situation deescalates gradually.

When all of this is over, there will come a time when we return to normal and you can find calm in the way that you want. Is one of your unfulfilled wishes to travel to New Zealand with your best friends? Get out of your comfort zone and try new experiences, be surprised by the best escorts, and explore your fantasies in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland.

But before the new normal is confirmed, companies must keep taking care of their futures, and as we mentioned above, working from home is an option that is being well-utilized and valued. There is a reason why, over 50% of companies in Spain have elected to implement it to a greater or lesser, as not all businesses are well-placed to substitute working from home for work in person, nor can all tasks be carried out in this way

Despite the reticence of many workers who are not qualified for working in this way (according to one study, up to 19% of employees believe they are not prepared to carry out their full duties using new technology), and the limitations of many companies when it comes to transferring their employees’ tasks online en masse, the truth is that the increase in working from home has come as a form of collateral damage, but it is very likely that it will stay with us when this whole situation is over.

The benefits it brings to workers must be taken into consideration, since work flexibility, both in terms of hours and location, and a better work-life balance, are factors that may lead to employees requesting more hours while working from home. It also has some advantages for companies, particularly when it comes to savings on electricity and water bills.

It is also important to note that this boom varies drastically depending on the sector in question. Scientific and academic professionals in a number of fields are top of the list of sectors best suited to working from home. Admin workers, office employees, accountants, and executives can also carry out the majority of their tasks perfectly well from home or from wherever they live. There is a far longer list of professionals whose work routines have been modified (and, in many cases, safeguarded), including people in sex work, who have also had to adapt and provide their services with the help of technology.

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