Surprisingly, The Witcher 3 Is More Popular In Asia Than America

All told, 2020 has been a very good year so far for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red’s last big RPG launched back in mid-2015 but has enjoyed a major resurgence in interest thanks to the launch earlier this year of Netflix’s The Witcher series. Not only did sales suddenly rise for the game, but so many people returned to it that a new ‘most concurrent players’ record was set in Steam.

If you’re one of those people getting back into the critically-acclaimed RPG, be sure to check out the best Witcher 3 armor sets. Now, CD Projekt has revealed some of their recent sales data, in which are a few surprising revelations about The Witcher 3’s popularity.

New Witcher 3 Sales Data From CD Projekt

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According to CD Projekt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has sold more than 28.3 million copies since its release back in May of 2015. Of that figure, around 12.4 million sales are believed to be on PC, making it the game’s dominant platform.

Around 10.8 million copies were sold for the PS4, while 4.3 million were sold for the Xbox One: a somewhat surprising disparity between the two consoles. Finally, the newly-released Switch version of the game has reportedly sold around 0.7 million copies. However, it has been available for much less time overall.

When it comes to the breakdown between digital and physical sales, another trend can be seen. When The Witcher 3 launched back in 2015, around 29% of its yearly sales were digital, compared to 71% physical. These proportion have, however, shifted back the other way since then.

Last year, 82% of its sales were digital compared to just 18% physical; indicating that it has performed increasingly well on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN, etc. As for global sales, a more unexpected trend is to be found; according to the data, The Witcher 3 is actually more popular in Asia than in America.

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Europe is The Witcher 3’s best-selling region, making up 37.2% of its global sales. Given CD Projekt and The Witcher’s Polish roots, this isn’t wholly surprising. However, what is more surprising is that 27.9% of the game’s sales come from Asia, while only 25.6% came from North America.

The Witcher 3 isn’t typically thought of as a game that would perform well in Asia, but it seems the statistics indicate that this may not be altogether accurate. Given the rising Chinese gaming market, this trend may start to spread to other titles, particularly as Western publishers market more to an Asian audience.

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