Will Luka Doncic Make It To The Olympics?

The Dallas superstar will present himself to Slovenian fans for the first time after the 2017 European Championships.

When it became clear that after the European Championship in 2017, Luka Dončić will wear the Slovenian national team jersey again, the appetites of all those who are clenching their fists for the selected team have grown, and the Olympic Games in Tokyo are no longer an unrealistic dream. 

The 22-year-old from Ljubljana has grown into one of the best basketball players in the world since he last wore the national coat of arms, and with his games he impresses in the Dallas  jersey in the NBA league. 

A few days ago, he became the youngest individual of all time to be twice selected in the top five of the season in the strongest basketball league in the world. 

He once again presented himself to the home fans in the preparatory match against Croatia in Ljubljana, and before it he answered a few questions from Slovenian journalists. Some of the topics in it were:

  1. Returning to the Slovenian NT
  2. Playing for Slovenian fans again
  3. Expectations for Tokyo

With the help of author expert in sport betting Tomaš Selinec we bring here what was discussed in the interview.

Being Back at Slovenia NT

When asked about his return to the national team, Doncic said that it was always nice to be back. He said it was really important for him to play for his country and share the locker room with teammates, who were all great guys.

Apart from that, he also talked about the fact that he would be once again playing in front of the local fans. He remembered the first time it happened, in a match against Croatia, and how it was a really amazing feeling.

He thinks things will be similar now, even though the arena won’t be full. Doncic expects the fans to grab their tickets and enjoy the game.

What to Expect from the Slovenian Basketball NT

When asked if the team now would make a parallel with the one in the European Championship 2017, Doncic said that there were a few changes. The main one is that he thinks the team is more grown up now, which is true.

He didn’t forget to mention, however, the absence of Goran Dragic. According to him, it will be a big minus, as he was very important for the team back then and was a true leader.

He said that the sense of leadership was passed to other players and believed they will be able to have a good team and be successful.

About the Olympics in Tokyo, Doncic said he has a great desire to take part in it and, because of that, the team will do everything possible to make that dream come true.

Other Questions

Here are some topics that were brought up during the interview

What will his role on the court be?

Doncic said he still doesn’t know what it will be, but it’s clear that he is going to play in different positions. One reason for that is how they have different players that are able to do basically everything on the court.

What he thinks on the new coach Aleksandar Sekulic?

Doncic talked about his good relationship with the new coach and also added that, even though it is a difficult job, he thinks Sekulic is fully capable of doing great with it. The most important thing, according to him, is that all players respect the coach.

What are the differences of American and European basketball?

Doncic quoted specifically the difference in the style of playing, in which he thinks Europe uses more a team and a tactical basketball, while in the US they put more emphasis on one-on-one play.

Another thing he talked about was the difference in rules. According to him, this is the thing he is going to have to get used to, as he has already forgotten them a bit.

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How he feels about the current global star status they’re labeling him?

According to Doncic, this new status has good and bad points. For him, it is great, but at the same time it is very hard.

The main reason for being hard is that people recognize every step he makes and this brings a lot of responsibility. Children look at him as their role model and, because of that, it’s up to him to give good examples.

If he keeps in touch with the Mavs on days off?

Doncic said the Mavs monitor him all the time. Even though he said he doesn’t have obligations to them during his days off, he also confirmed they are connected all the time through phone calls and messages.


What did you think about Doncic’s overall answers in this interview? He could pass on his ideas and express himself in a clear and calm way, and everything leads to him playing in the Olympic Games for Slovenia. Read more about the Slovenian Premier League here.

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