Medical Insurance For Diabetes: Why Should You Have One?

Health is crucial and you cannot take a chance with it. Now, if you have a health condition like diabetes, you must be more careful about yourself. You should consider taking an insurance policy that includes diabetes. Though some comprehensive policies even cover diabetes, they come with a lengthy waiting period and might not be available to a patient during an extreme phase of it.  It is the reason that you should go for medical insurance for diabetics that is specifically for you. 

Though most of the people believe that diabetes is mainly a self-managed disease, it is important to have sufficient and affordable health insurance. This significantly aids in gaining required access to supplies and even medications necessary to manage diabetes and avert or treat further complications. Moreover, another crucial reason that you should have an adequate cover is that the probability of having to pay massive hospital bills due to diabetes is quite high.  

Actually, you know for the diabetic patients getting a health policy is not really a simple affair, mainly for the ones at an extreme stage of it.  It would not be wrong to state that a health insurance policy for a diabetic patient is as crucial as regular care and precautions. Once the doctors write the prescription for diabetic patients, recommendation for health insurance turn out to be an important element of it.  

Well, the prescription for diabetes is not just diet and drugs but even that of health insurance. That in itself provides them with a lot of confidence to recuperate from the disease as they know in case something was to happen to them, they can have the finest of treatment.  

How to choose the right insurance plan?

When you are choosing which insurance policy to go for, make sure that you make a comparison on the basis of the premium, waiting period and even that of specific features, if any. Remember that disease-specific plans are a lot more expensive and come with co-payment. It simply means that you, being the customer, will have to essentially bear some part of the medical bill. There might be room rent limit too. Some insurers even offer buyback of waiting periods too. You must find out about it.

Why is it necessary to take insurance?

You know getting health insurance for patients with diabetes was a challenging and difficult task earlier but it is now convenient to gain access to sufficient health coverage. For an individual with diabetes, having a particular health cover with adequate sum insured may be enough to fulfil the hospitalization costs emerging out of a diabetic situation.

Another crucial reason why a diabetes-specific insurance plan is extremely important for people suffering from diabetes is that most regular health insurance plans actually treat diabetes as a pre-existing disease and they place a waiting period on the treatment of the ailment. The waiting period usually differs from 12 months to 2 years; however, keep in mind that it can at times even go up to four years. So, it is always wise to buy a diabetes-specific plan that provides you with more adequate and comprehensive coverage than any sort of regular health insurance plans.  

Quick features of a diabetes insurance plan

Once a person is suffering from diabetes, there are possibilities that he suffers from conditions like hypertension as well. A health insurance plan works as an umbrella that covers both of these diseases. Therefore, when looking for a health insurance plan that covers diabetes-related health concerns, following are a few excellent features that you must look for:

Cashless treatment

One of the most crucial benefits of buying a diabetic health insurance plan is the cashless treatment it offers for the policyholder. During an emergency, you can easily get admitted to any network hospital to get cashless treatment. With this feature in place, you can easily shift your concentration from worrying about healthcare expenses to becoming better.

Coverage of day-care treatment 

This is another crucial aspect of having a diabetes insurance plan. There can be plan that comes with this benefit up to the restriction of sum insured. What is even more, more than 170 day-care treatments can be covered under the right health insurance plan. 

Includes pre- and post-hospitalization expenses

This is another important feature that must not be overlooked. With the right care freedom diabetes insurance plan, you can be sure that you own a policy that takes proper care of pre- and post-hospitalization expenses that too up to thirty days beyond the policy end even the date!  Of course, once your policy has this feature, you do not need to worry about the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expense.


So, ‘no need to explore everywhere when you can get care health insurance with diabetes included for a safe and comfortable future. After all, if you are not taking the right steps now, you will not get the comforts you desire of later on.

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