Why Is Motorcycle Insurance So Expensive In Ontario?

Insurance in Ontario is mandatory, but it can be pretty expensive. Having insurance protects you and other drivers on the road from any potential damages or bodily injuries. Insurance companies assess the possible risks and make your insurance policy based on that.

For this reason, insurance coverage for motorcycles tends to be more expensive. Motorcycle accidents are very common, which is why insurance companies are very cautious with such vehicles. This article talks about motorcycle insurance coverage and why it can be so expensive. Make sure to stick around to read more on this topic.

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What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance protects you, your vehicle, and those around you from any possible accidents. Motorcycle insurance policies generally cover the following:

Mandatory Coverage In Canada

Third-party liability is the legally required insurance coverage that protects other drivers from the damage you might cause. This usually means that either you or your insurance company will cover the medical or mechanical costs.

Theft Coverage

If your motorcycle gets stolen, damaged, or vandalized, your insurance coverage has your back! The insurance company covers the replacement or repair costs for your vehicle.

Bodily Injury

If you, the other driver, or any of your passengers get injured in an accident, your insurance company covers all of the costs. This benefit makes all drivers feel much safer in case of a potential accident!

Hit And Run

If you end up in an accident where the other driver is at fault, and they escape the scene, your insurance company will cover your costs if the other driver is not found. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents happen more than they should, which is why this coverage is essential.

What Makes Motorcycle Insurance Premiums Expensive?

Motorcycle insurance premiums are determined based on several factors. There are quite a few things that insurance companies consider before making you an offer. There are some of those:

Your Driving Record

The insurance company will ask for your driving history for the past 3-5 years to determine how much of a liability you actually are. If you have made a lot of claims in the past or caused accidents, they are more likely to charge you more to protect themselves.

 Insurance companies firstly make sure that they are not going to lose a lot of money on a client. This is why they have a high interest in your driving history!

Your Age

If you are young and just got your driver’s license, insurance companies believe you present a higher risk than an experienced, older driver.

You also will not have much of a driving record to show, which is why they can only assume how responsible you are. Therefore, as a young driver, you are more likely to get a high policy.

Type Of Your Vehicle

When purchasing a motorcycle, you have to think about insurance as well. If you want to buy a motorcycle with a powerful engine, expect your insurance premium to be higher.

However, if you buy a scooter that gets you from point A to point B, you will most likely not be speeding, which is why you are a less risky driver. Therefore, your insurance premium would be lower.

The premium also depends on the model and age of your motorcycle.


Insurance companies also take into consideration the miles that you ride in a year. If you use your motorcycle daily, you will most likely pay more for an insurance policy. However, if you only use your vehicle occasionally, insurance companies might give you a better offer.

Motorcycle Storage

It is imperative to insurance companies that you store your motorcycle in a safe place where it is less likely to get damaged. The best option is to keep it in your garage. This way, you are trying to prevent theft and vandalism as well, which insurers find responsible.

Your Insurer

You should keep in mind that not every insurance company is the same. Everybody offers different rates, so your premium will significantly depend on the insurance company that you choose.

Ways to Lower Your Motorcycle Insurance Premium

Now that we have established what makes motorcycle insurance premiums so high, it is only fair to mention how to lower them. Here are a couple of ideas:

Make Sure To Shop Around!

As we have mentioned, insurance companies offer different rates. The more research you do, the better offer you are going to find. Shop around before making your final decision.

Also, consider hiring an insurance broker to help you find the most optimal rates that fit your budget.

Keep Your Driving Record Straight

Make sure to be a responsible driver, do not speed or drive under the influence. Also, try to avoid getting tickets of any kind. And especially be careful not to get into an at-fault accident. All of this affects your record, and keeping it clean helps lower your premium!

Check Out The Discounts

Do not forget to ask your insurance company if they offer any discounts. There are numerous discounts out there, for example for students, the elderly, etc. Try to find something that fits your profile and enjoy the benefits!

Increase The Deductible Amount

A higher deductible immediately means a lower premium amount. The more money you are willing to give out of your own pocket, the less your insurance company has to pay. Therefore, they are in a less risky situation.

If you can afford to pay a higher deductible, it is definitely a great idea!


Having motorcycle insurance is of the utmost importance. It is not only mandatory but also very beneficial. Motorcycles are risky vehicles, which is why insurance companies usually offer high rates for them.

There are quite a few things that affect your motorcycle insurance premium. However, there are also ways to avoid high costs. You should consider some of our ideas and pay less for your motorcycle insurance! Above all, make sure to be a safe and responsible driver!

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