Why Entertainment Should Be Top Priority for Any Hotel Owners

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With people rushing for vacations, especially after a long period of isolation, hotel owners have no choice but to prioritize the preferences of their guests. In such a scenario, being a hotel owner could be challenging, given the cut-throat competition. 

As of 2023, the United States has 166,272 Hotels & Motels units, which is more than 7.1% from 2022. Considering the massive competition, every hotel owner is wondering how to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on their guests. The answer lies in one powerful word: entertainment.

Prioritizing entertainment makes your hotel a go-to place for travelers looking to stay while exploring the world of excitement, relaxation, and joy. By focusing on entertainment options, you are ready to change the traditional definition of a hotel, converting it from an “ordinary” place to a “vibrant” one.

If you are a hotel owner looking to transform your place into something more desirable, this blog is just for you. In this blog post, we will dive into the compelling reasons why making entertainment your top priority can elevate your hotel to new heights.  

Improved Guest Experience

As a hotel owner, you strive to create an exceptional guest experience that goes beyond providing a comfortable room and excellent service. When you focus on adding desired entertainment options, you can effortlessly improve your guest experience. With many options available, you can focus on the below two options to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

Streaming Solutions for Personalized Relaxation

In a recent survey, when asked about their top priority, 45% of travelers said they wanted entertainment options that can easily connect to their personal streaming or gaming accounts. Considering the number, hotel owners should look to integrate hotel TV casting solutions that help them cater to this demand.

According to Allbridge, these solutions provide guests with access to their favorite shows without needing their login credentials. These solutions eliminate the necessity for conventional wired systems by enabling the casting of content from an external device onto the in-room television. 

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Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences for Next-Level Entertainment

With VR becoming more mainstream, top-notch hotels are already embracing the technology to enhance guest experience. Once you implement VR, your guests can explore fascinating destinations, swim with dolphins, climb towering mountains, or even embark on thrilling adventures, all within the confines of a VR experience. 

These cutting-edge technologies not only entertain but also provide a sense of wonder and exploration that traditional forms of entertainment cannot match. 

Competitive Advantage

In the tough hospitality industry, prioritizing entertainment can help you get a significant competitive advantage. You can choose from several options when it comes to enhancing your guest experience and getting a competitive edge simultaneously.  

One option is to collaborate with local artists to curate memorable experiences. Collaborating with local musicians, dancers, or theater groups can bring a touch of authentic culture and talent to the hotel’s entertainment offerings. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy live performances that showcase the vibrant local arts scene, creating a memorable and distinctive experience. 

Secondly, you can consider adding mini clubs to satisfy the guests’ desire for entertainment, especially when your hotel is more family-oriented. By offering mini clubs, you not only attract families looking for child-friendly accommodations but also provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their children are happily occupied. These clubs help you curate activities that highlight the local culture. 

There are science-backed benefits of investing in mini clubs. As per recent research, mini clubs can create a competitive differentiator for hotels. These clubs offer activities based on local heritage, community, etc., enabling you to get an edge over other family hotels.

When it comes to prioritizing entertainment for hotel guests, offering a diverse range of options ensures a memorable experience. From live music venues to vibrant nightlife spots, Anaheim has it all. One such hotspot is the renowned strip club Anaheim, where guests can unwind and enjoy top-notch entertainment. With its captivating performances and inviting atmosphere, the strip club Anaheim promises an unforgettable evening for visitors. Discover the excitement that awaits you at California Girls Anaheim, where entertainment takes center stage.

Revenue Generation

When you prioritize entertainment as a hotel owner, you open the door to exciting possibilities for new revenue generation. For example, hosting live performances or themed events allows you to sell tickets and attract both guests and local residents, generating direct revenue from ticket sales and potentially increasing spending on food, beverages, and merchandise.

You can also embrace technology, such as voice-activated controls in guest rooms. Integrating voice assistants can help guests conveniently request entertainment options, such as streaming services or in-room dining, through simple voice commands. You can promote premium content or special packages, generating higher revenue while providing a seamless and personalized entertainment experience.

Don’t just believe these words. A new study from Oracle Hospitality and Skift revealed that 43% of guests expressed their desire for voice-activated controls encompassing all amenities in their hotel rooms, including lights, curtains, and door locks. This optimistic statistic could be enough to take the leap and embrace such options today.

Brand Loyalty and Repeat Business

Did you know that a small increase in customer retention can lead to substantial profits for your hotel? Studies have shown that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can result in a remarkable 25% boost in profits. In other words, by cultivating brand loyalty and fostering repeat business, you have the potential to achieve impressive revenue growth.

Winning guest loyalty requires effective communication at every stage of their journey. Proactively send personalized confirmation emails and provide a guest portal with a customizable digital guidebook upon reservation. This establishes a connection early on and minimizes cancellations. 

During their stay, utilize the guest portal to keep in touch, sharing valuable information about your hotel. After check-out, make it convenient for guests to provide feedback or rebook directly. A guest portal provides a convenient way to ensure continuous communication throughout the guest’s entire experience. 

Secondly, you should try and understand what your guests need most. Achieving this goal requires conducting thorough research. Through surveys, feedback forms, and analyzing guest behavior, you can identify the types of entertainment that resonate the most with your target audience. This knowledge enables you to tailor your entertainment offerings to meet their specific needs.


Entertainment should be a top priority for any hotel owner seeking to provide exceptional guest experiences, gain a competitive advantage, and drive revenue growth. By prioritizing entertainment, you create a vibrant and immersive environment that captivates guests and leaves a lasting impression. 

With varied entertainment options, you elevate your hotel’s appeal, differentiate yourself from competitors, and create a unique and memorable guest experience. So, as you strive to create exceptional stays for your guests, don’t forget the potential entertainment and its ability to transform your hotel into a destination that exceeds expectations, fosters loyalty, and ensures lasting success.

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