The Most Comfortable MC Helmets

Comfort is an essential but sometimes overlooked element of buying a motorcycle helmet. When you are checking out motorcycle helmets on sale, don’t just consider features and safety ratings. Also, think about the comfort of wearing each helmet for an extended time. This can be a central part of keeping you safe. If a helmet doesn’t fit securely and comfortably, it will do a less effective job of protecting you.

Three Top-Rated Helmets

There are many comfortable helmets on the market. Furthermore, the right choice for one person is different than that for another because people’s heads are different shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, the following three options are top-rated and known for comfort:

• Shoei Neotec II Solid Helmet: You can’t go wrong with this two-in-one helmet. It is designed for optimal comfort in all manner of environments. Shoei offers a broad selection of sizes for maximum comfort.

• Arai Defiant-X Solid Helmet: This full-face helmet is a strong contender for most comfortable. Arai is dedicated to not only providing a user-friendly helmet but also to ensuring optimal safety.

• Shoei GT-Air II Solid Helmets: This Shoei helmet is a full-face design. It has eight vents and special noise-reducing technology. It also is carefully designed to fit snugly and comfortably on the rider’s head.

Range in Fit vs. Range in Features

Arai vs. Shoei Helmets There is an age-old battle in the motorcycle helmet world: Arai vs. Shoei helmets. Answering which is better is almost impossible as both are extremely high-quality brands. However, it is worth noting the differences in design philosophy.

If you want to find a helmet that will fit perfectly, consider a Shoei. They incorporate comfort into their safety design process. Their belief is that better fitting helmets tend to provide more visibility and are easier to wear. Therefore, they provide more protection to riders.

Conversely, Arai tends to be more focused on features. They also care greatly about safety and exceed the expectations of all safety rating bodies. You will tend to find a broader range in features with Arai but fewer fit options.

Where To Find DOT Approved Helmets

If you are riding a motorcycle in the US, you likely need to be wearing at least a DOT-rated helmet. The rules differ based on your state. However, helmets that cannot meet the DOT standards should not be considered safe.

Consider checking out an online retailer such as 2Wheel. You can likely find a broad selection of helmets including ones rated by the ECE or Snell which are significantly stricter than the DOT. Remember, it is important to put your safety first with motorcycle helmets.

Get Some New Gear Today

Are you ready for a comfortable and safe helmet? It may be time for an upgrade. The good news is that it is easy to buy helmets and motorcycle jackets online. All you need to do is explore some online stores and you can have new gear shipped straight to your home. This is a great way to get ready for your next ride. Start looking for your next helmet today.

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