Why Are Private Jets Starting to Appeal to Business Travelers?

If you’ve ever been lucky (or unlucky) enough to travel with work, you’ll have discovered just how mundane, time-consuming and arduous the journeys can be, particularly if you have to fly to your destination.

That’s why, even though private jets are perhaps something you’d associate with the rich and famous, they’re quickly becoming the sought-after choice for business travelers. The reason? Because they’re saving business executives a lot of time, and in the corporate world, time is money.

Less Time on the Ground

Firstly, one of the biggest advantages to traveling by private jet is the amount of time you save traveling to and from the airport. Compared to standard airlines, these jets don’t need to set off from a long runway and don’t require a large amount of staff. Therefore, with access to smaller runways, you can take off in a private jet much closer to each location.

As there are more small airports than commercial ones, these smaller airfields are often within easier reach of your destination and are far less congested. This makes for a much more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Less Time in the Air

Commercial jets are tied to spoke networks and hubs, but private jets aren’t, which is why you can often fly straight to your destination without having to make any stops. This saves you a lot of hassle and time, especially as private jets tend to travel at a faster speed, too.

Smaller jets are often able to fly at higher altitudes, which means they’re soaring high above any other air traffic, speeding up the journey by flying directly to the destination. It also allows travelers to avoid any weather disruptions as well.

Wasting Less Time

Although you can work on a commercial plane, you aren’t always able to keep your work private when you’re sat next to someone. Equally, if you’re dealing with other passengers talking, people squeezing past you to go to the loo and kids screaming, it can be incredibly difficult to concentrate.

In stark contrast, private jets are reserved solely for you, so you’re free to chat with your colleagues about the business meeting that lies ahead without worrying about confidentiality. And if you have work to do, you can get this done in the tranquil setting of your plane.

Finally, another great benefit to private jets is being able to stop off at various places along the way, allowing you to mix business with leisure travel. This ability to enjoy flexible flights that

work with your schedule and allow you to do more traveling are why many business executives are choosing private jets.

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