What You Should Know Before You Buy “THE FOREST” For PS4 Consoles

Internet gaming has taken over the world by storm. There are incredibly diverse, sophisticated, and innumerable games to play these days. You can find simulation games, adventure games, and sports or action games, among others. You can pick any one or more of these depending on your preferences.

When it comes to horror-themed games, few can beat or match The Forest PS4 consoles. This game offers horror buffs an exciting chance to strike cannibalistic zombies or mutants. If you haven’t thought about trying this yet, read the following guide to know more about it.

What is the Point of this Game?

The Forest is an exciting game created by Endnight Games with a very intriguing story forming its base. The horror game’s location is a mysterious, remote, and heavily forested area. The lead character, Eric LeBlanc, is one of the two survivors of a passenger airplane crash. In the aftermath of the crash in this dangerous forested peninsula, Eric seems helpless in an incapacitated state as his son Timmy, the only other survivor, is kidnapped by a man painted in red.

Eric must now find whatever he can in the forest to survive and stay sane while trying to track down and rescue his son.

Survival is Key

Did you know that video games can positively affect your brain? Studies show that playing intense video games can cause the brain to become more active and improve your attention span.

Playing a game like The Forest can probably help in the same way. That’s because you need to use your brain’s full potential to figure out the ways to survive attacks from cannibalistic zombies that inhabit the seemingly deserted jungle. As the weather here can get cold and rainy, you need to arrange a campfire and shelter as some form of warmth and protection will be essential. Other things that are required to survive include food and medicine. The food must be dried or cooked before consuming it. Also, be mindful of which plants can help you and those that will hinder you along the way.

About the Enemies

The enemies in “The Forest” for PS4 consoles can be a little complex to describe. They have their own clothing and weapons, and function on a hierarchical basis. This means that there will be base soldiers, leaders, and perhaps warlords. However, since these mutants are finite, it is still possible, although quite challenging, to kill each of them.

The critical thing here is that each mutant will react differently to you. Also, the mutants will not necessarily attack you the moment they see you. This makes the game a lot more challenging, pushing you to decide whether to fight them or hide.

There is a Multiplayer Option

The PS4 version of The Forest allows a maximum of four players at one time. In multiplayer mode, players can effectively communicate with each other using the walkie-talkie. They can also text chat to send their messages across. Also, in this mode, the player will find a unique item called the “metal tin tray” that he can hold out and allows other players to pick items from.

Whether to choose single-player or multiplayer mode is eventually a matter of personal preference.

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