Nine Fantastic Free PC Games

To be an avid gamer, it is not necessary to own an expensive console and an HD TV or spend extra bucks on video games. All you need is an internet connection and a PC to access a treasure trove of free, exciting games. From Flash and HTML5 games aimed at the casual gamer and which can be played on the most basic PC to intense war action involving tanks and armadas, battles with intergalactic aliens and fire-breathing dragons, the world of PC gaming is teeming with options galore. Here is a comprehensive list of all the links and websites where you can find the most delightful free PC games on the web. Enjoy!

This popular website, around 16 years old now, has been a huge hit with gamers since its inception. Offering more than 50 different genres, including action, adventure, alien, motocross, destruction, winter sports and Rio 2016, Miniclip also has multiplayer games like Soccer Stars, Slither, Mafia Battle and Tanki Online where you can go up against other members of the website.

You just need to register and create an avatar, and you can start compiling game statistics and rankings on your player page.

This may not have the best design ever, but a mere three web pages hold over 1,000 games and there is no registration required either. You can browse the games category wise, recently updated titles or let Andkon surprise you through the Random link.

There is also a search option if you want to look up a specific game. Best of all? No annoying pop-up ads while loading a game.

This one is similar to Miniclip and easier on the eye also, offering games across eight genres (dress-up, food, bubble shooter, racing, alien, strategy, action and puzzle). The games can be viewed on a large thumbnail grid and you will have to register for a free account.

Your favorite games will be displayed at the top of the home page and there are many kid-friendly gaming options available, such as Bob the Robber, Cactus McCoy and Parking Mania. You can access Kizi through a mobile browser also.

If you are looking for some casual stuff to while away your time, head over to Orisinal. Created by Ferry Halim, this website has more than 60 Flash-based games that feature adorable, child-like characters and bright, cheerful environments.

The games have simple controls, like using the mouse or arrow keys to steer a ship over an iceberg, run atop a train or catch bees inside bubbles. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay varies from the simple to challenging.

Again, this is a superb resource for casual gaming. Html5games has more than 100 games that can be played on all web browsers supporting HTML5. That means, whether be it a shooter, card game, puzzles or sport, you can play it on your tablets or smartphones as well.


If you want to play cool budget games from independent developers, then Itch is your destination. Create a free account on this website and you will be able to browse a variety of titles according to the platform- Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS and web.

Games are available for free, many are on sale, and several are paid ($5 or less, S15 and below). Genres include action, adventure, shooter, platformer, role playing, simulation, strategy, sports, puzzle and their lengths vary from a few minutes to around half an hour, a few hours or even a day.

Whenever you intend to play a certain game, you can watch the gameplay video, read the description and see the specs required just by clicking on the game title. There are bundled options also available, which means you can get multiple games at heavy discounts.


For hardcore war game fanatics, create a free account on the Wargaming website and you will receive complete access to three massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs)- World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships.
In Tanks, you have five types of vehicles- light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns from the British, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, French, German, Japanese, Soviet Union, Swedish and the U.S. armies. Once in charge of the vehicle, you have to navigate it and aim and fire at enemies.


War gaming not your thing? No worries. Browse through a plethora of free MMOGs across diverse genres like shooters, strategy, racing, sports, fantasy sci-fi on MMOBomb and MMOS. Every title available comes with months of free gaming and regular updates and patches.

All the information about the game-description, link, reviews, hardware specifications is available and the two websites also hold regular in-game giveaways through which you can unlock loot pack, product keys and even beta access codes. Paid games are also available and you can also listen to music soundtracks from around 200 titles.

To make the gaming experience more engaging, you can connect with fellow gamers via comments, forums and receive useful insights on the games which are actually worth your time.

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