Must-Buy Gifts For Lovers Of The Undead

Pop culture has given us apple pie, rock and roll, the Superbowl, and—wait for it—zombies! These undead beings have gone beyond the Halloween hype to become a perpetual figure in television and feature all year round. If you’ve been wondering why gifts for Walking Dead fans are all the rage these days, wonder no more!

Of course, the top presents for zombie lovers aren’t limited to Walking Dead merchandise. They also include the awesome gifts we will list today.

Top Seven Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

Yes, zombie entertainment extends beyond the four corners of that electric box in our bedrooms and living rooms, as these products clearly prove.

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

How about a literal undead helping hand to reach that itchy spot? Since ripping your own arm off would be a tad bit painful and make you look completely off your rocker, this detached zombie arm should come in handy.

By the looks of it, it doesn’t appear like something the previous owner would find much use for, so you’d be happy to keep it. Seeing your friends’ shocked faces as you reach back with this dismembered arm should be the highlight of your night. 

The Basic Zombie Survival Guide

Ask any undead lover out there: it’s only a matter of time until the zombie apocalypse comes. This is hypothetically equal parts dreadful and exciting. Nevertheless, a guide to ensure your survival during this treacherous period comes in the form of The Basic Zombie Survival Guide.

You’ll find different versions of this literary masterpiece, all of which take you through perceived scenarios of zombie attacks. These books also detail the various angles for surviving these attacks, which revolve around who you are with and what tools you have access to.

Injected with its fair share of humor, tons of action, and an overwhelming amount of gore, this book surely deserves a slot in your Library of the Undead.

Dawn of the Dead (Blu-ray version)

One of the best zombie movies to ever hit cinemas, Dawn of the Dead lives in the hearts of every zombie-cinephile out there. If you ever have the pleasure to watch it on Blu-ray, you could see a side to it you never have before.

A fresh take on a classic zombie film? Sign us up today! There may be tons of other viewing platforms for satisfying your Dawn-of-the-Dead cravings. Still, there’s nothing quite like the Blu-ray perspective to offer a stunning take on things. Even if you’ve seen the film a hundred times before, it never gets old seeing it in HD.

Zombie Gnomes

We just love the thought of zombies ransacking our gardens while trying to get inside our homes. Good thing these undead beings aren’t so smart, right?

The closest we can get to this straight-out-of-a-movie scenario is by getting a bunch of zombie garden gnomes. These little monsters look the part, even if they are a little less animated than their film counterparts.

They have this eerily cute look that works for a year-round display than just the two-month window for Halloween decorations. The fact that these decors can look cute in the morning and frightening at night is one of our favorite things about them.

Zombie Phone Case

Many people are virtually inseparable from their phones. So why not gift your zombie-loving nerd with a nice undead-themed phone case? You can find a ready-made one or make your own zombie phone case design! The latter gives you the opportunity to personalize the phone case according to your loved one’s style and preference for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Zombie Poetry

Zombie dialogue makes for some great morbid poetry. From funny to frightening, there are all sorts of phrases to form with these zombie-related words. They come with magnets attached to their rear for easy placement on your fridge. Aligning these words helps you construct your very own message from the undead.

Zombie Stickers 

An especially popular sticker set is the Zombie family, which you will find plastered in many zombie lovers’ vehicles. This accessory gives a morbid take on family car stickers by giving them an undead twist.

Even the family pet isn’t spared from the “zombifying,” but that’s what makes this sticker set unique. Some even come with creepily wholesome sayings to stay true to the theme.

Zombie Shirts

There’s nothing like an article of “zombie” clothing to drive home the point of your love for these undead antagonists. The sizes, styles, and designs are limitless, so there’ll be no shortage of options for you and your army of undead lovers.

You can even have a shirt customized to suit your particular tastes. After all, some are partial to the traditional slow-moving movie zombies. Others prefer their speedy and more aggressive versions in World War Z and The Walking Dead.

Besides the customized shirts, you may also opt to give them some funny Zombie themed shirts.  Zombie fans with a sense of humor will appreciate this funny “How to Fight Zombies” graphic tee from Threadheads. Offered in several sizes from small to extra large, it’s the perfect gift for any zombie fan in your life.

Pick Out a Gift Today!

We admit it. Any one of these gifts might be a bit too creepy for a regular person, but an undead lover would be over the moon for them. If you find the items on our list lacking uniqueness, there are tons of other options to explore and discover. If none meets your standards still, the customization route is always open to solve that problem.

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