What Makes Online Casino Games Different From Real Casino?

Online casino games have many different aspects compared to their land-based counterparts. We’ll break down the differences today and you can decide which one appeals to you more. 

Of course, if we traveled back two decades ago, all casino gaming was done in physical spaces, as there were no alternatives. Now, there is an expanding market in the online realm, and land-based casinos need to adapt to a new competitor they haven’t had to face before. 

Whether it’s the classic roulette or interactive slots, Bovada casino games are all the very games you can find in a land-based casino. Yet, the advantages of playing online are what appeal to a lot of gamblers. 

Primarily, both online and land-based casinos have their own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll look at how they compare with each other and see if you prefer one over the other:

So, What Type of Games Have Moved to Online Casinos?

Land-based casinos have dominated the industry for games such as roulette, blackjack, and slot machines. While it is true in countries like the United States, you could play these games with licensed bookmakers, many of whom have licensed physical premises. 

However, every casino game that has been created is now available online in some capacity, which appeals to many. Of course, some games are more popular than others. 

Luckily, due to the rapid expansion of casino gaming into the online world, you can instantly find everything you can in a land-based casino at the tip of your fingertips. 

For this reason, the preference towards and prevalence of online gaming continues to grow exponentially. As other industries benefit from a digital-first approach, it is hard not to see the gambling industry following suit at some stage. 


One of the most popular casino games is roulette. It has been around in casinos for centuries and continues to enjoy immense popularity even to this day. The introduction of online casinos created a new market for roulette users. 

For example, some gambling customers may enjoy playing in a land-based casino but may feel judged by other players if they’re on a winning or losing streak. In addition, they may also not enjoy playing at cramped tables and want to play at their own leisure. 

The beauty of playing online for some people is that you don’t need to get ready and go out and socialize with people in a casino. You can just play at your own leisure from home. 

If you mainly gamble online, you can also play games such as lightning roulette, where certain numbers are multiplied by 10, 20 or sometimes 100. This is not available in a land-based casino, as online casinos take advantage of the latest technology in computing. 

You can also play games quicker online as in a land-based casino, you wait for the croupier to collect chips and calculate how much they need to pay to the winner. Online, this is done automatically and ensures the next spin starts quicker.


Another popular casino game that has benefitted from moving online is blackjack. The game has evolved with the development of online casinos with more transparency. On the other hand, in a land-based casino, there can be a strategy and some level of bluffing, which doesn’t happen online.

This allows professional players to focus on the mathematics involved instead of trying to psyche out fellow players. 

Due to the swathes of people gambling online, some analysts suspected that land-based casinos would start to see a decline in profits – this hasn’t been the case, though, as there are profits to go all around. 


Online poker has also changed the way the game is played. Even more than blackjack. As poker relies more on bluffing and mathematic probability, the online aspect of it focuses solely on the latter.

However, professional poker players still participate in tournaments in land-based casinos, and many people still enjoy watching games unfold in land-based casinos. The World Series of Poker is probably the best example. This is a tournament that has enjoyed popular viewership for decades.

The emergence of digital poker, including online and video, doesn’t appear to have caused any issues for casinos that host tournaments. There’s room for all types of casinos to evolve into the digital sphere whilst maintaining popularity in physical casinos.


Online games differ from real casinos from a social and operating perspective. These games still have enthusiasts, and the appetite for both is still healthy enough for each type of casino game to flourish, whether online or land-based.

It is good that customers now have the option to play online and in a real casino. As we have discussed, there are pros and cons to both, and whichever best suits your needs, the availability is there.

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