DriveStrike As A Manifestation Of The Principles Of Cryptography To Protect Data

Nowadays it is common to hear in the technological world the word encrypt, mask, which has its origins in cryptography, and in the need to hide communications. Although cryptography has been around for several centuries, in recent years it has been applied in the use and management of technology.

Cryptography can be defined as science, which studies encryption or coding techniques aimed at hiding and understanding messages and their representations, whether linguistically, informatically or in some possible medium. For technology, it is important that cryptography gives us the attribute of confidentiality in digital communications, in electronic commerce and in the use of mobile applications.

Human interest in hiding their communications has always existed, and over time cryptographic techniques have evolved. The word cryptography only refers to the use of codes, so it does not encompass the techniques used to break these codes, known collectively as cryptanalysis.

The internet was born from the need to hide some communications in case of war, so the Arpanet project was created, there are several examples of the evolution of cryptography, one well-known is the enigma machine that had a rotating encryption mechanism, which allowed to use it to encrypt messages in the second world war.

Cryptography is not only used to protect the information, it is also used to allow its authentication, that is, to identify the author of a message and prevent anyone from impersonating your personality. We must emphasize that sometimes the word encrypt is said, which is poorly said since the correct term is to encrypt.

Information security is vital for the technological world, that is why cryptography is the best ally, it can be used for authentication issues, physical security, security in communication channels, privacy, to guarantee non-repudiation of the data, such as for anonymity.

Many of the new technologies, including biometrics, use cryptography, the same goes for the use of digital and electronic signatures. The biggest example of cryptography is when you click on the padlock of a website, where you can see algorithms like SHA1, RSA, which integrate many digital certificates of websites. An options you should consider is quantum code.

The use of digital certificates, which involve data encryption, is a necessity for all types of companies, not that it means that a site cannot be hacked or violated, but it can decrease the risk as an aid to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. It is necessary in today’s world to ensure that when communication of any kind is established, it can be ensured that the messages have not been altered, in short, that the information sent matches that received.

Although cryptography is true, it existed several years ago, the same thing happens with the multiple algorithms that contribute to the current internet, but in recent years what was something of a few today becomes a need for many. It is not a secret that there are computer crimes, information leaks, identity theft, mass espionage, and it is for all this that crypto is once again gaining strength.

Very well said Edward Snowden, in one of his last interviews, data encryption must be a culture of all kinds of professionals, and especially those who handle sensitive information. Encryption has become so important that companies such as Apple and Google have incorporated data encryption in their latest operating systems.

In the new IOS8, it uses an encryption system that prevents Apple from reading user information, even if a government asks it to do so, this generated multiple criticisms among them of the FBI, which argue that with this encryption it will be more difficult to pursue computer criminals.

The popular WhatsApp announced that it has just implemented end-to-end data encryption, this means that the chat message is encrypted securely and can only be read by the one who generates it and the recipient. Some criticized the chat application for being unsafe, but without a doubt, with the current changes, the user is beginning to offer a better alternative.

It is so interesting what is happening with technological applications and encryption, that some like Telegram are offering prizes of $ 300,000 and BITCOIN for people who manage to solve the algorithm that supports them, the participants will find a simulated environment where they will have the freedom to monitor message traffic, in addition to taking alleged server control.

In the technological market, you can get applications that offer encryption and compliance reporting, which are built on cryptographic bases. In conclusion, crypto is in fashion, you do not have to be a mathematician or engineer to demand that our data be encrypted, confidentiality is an obligation of today.

DriveStrike as a real application of data encryption or cryptography to protect information security

The explanation above might be too complicated for some people. In real-day practice, security applications translate what has been explained above with a few simple clicks. One of them is what is offered by DriveStrike.

This is a tool that works based on data encryption principles to protect data from mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops that are not in the possession of the owner; can be lost or even stolen. In operation, this tool works in 4 functions as follows:

1. Locate

Find devices quickly

2. Lock

Prevents data from being accessed by anyone (other than the owner)

3. Wipe

Erase personal data from the device (done remotely)

4. Encrypt

Integrated BitLocker support or assistance with VeraCrypt.

DriveStrike is easy to use for anyone without having adequate data encryption knowledge. An expert protection support team has been provided that is always ready to answer any questions related to tool operation. Compatible with SOX, GDPR, DoD, and HIPAA, this tool can ensure the security of data when the device is lost or even stolen by someone.

There will always be the possibility of data storage devices such as laptops or smartphones being controlled by third parties. And in such cases, security tools and data erasers such as DriveStrike are needed. For information, DriveStrike provides a 30-day free trial that can be used by anyone who wants to apply the principles of encryption for data security in a practical way.

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