What Insights To Look For While Doing SEO Competitive Mapping

When it comes to SEO, your competitors can be your greatest friends if you let them. When you reverse engineer your competitor’s success and find their weakness, it becomes your key to success.

The best way in which experienced online marketing companies do this is through competitive intelligence. When you gain an insight into the strategies that are working for the competitors in your market, you can re-engineer them and use them wisely.

SEO competitor mapping is a research strategy that helps you rank higher, earn more conversions, and traffic. It can uncover various SEO strategies you may be blind to.

Here are some insights you should look out for from your competitors’ pages:

Competitors’ Best Products And Services

The competitor pages that generate more traffic spent a huge chunk of the marketing budget to present the target audience with the right products and services. Look out for the pages that contain the product categories or specific products of the competitors. 

Analyze the sources of traffic they use and incorporate similar pages to promote your products and services. 

Insight On The Number of Competitors’ Customers

Pages that have a click-to-action facility like add to cart, basket, free trial, click here to pay in the URLs should be the ones you must concentrate on. The customers can access these pages internally and externally.

Google Analytics and other specific research tools employed by online marketing companies will help you analyze the number of unique visitors. Look out for the customers who just visit pages, those who add to cart, and the ones who complete the purchase. With a good idea about the customers, you can redefine or improve your target audience pool and work on content accordingly.

Content On Their Blogs And Other Media Platforms

When you check out their top contents, you will find what you are missing out on and can then add it to your site to increase traffic.

You can gain a good insight based on the topics they post for their regular and seasonal campaigns and the channels they use for promotion. With this, you can strategize a better campaign for conversion as well as brand awareness.

Regional Markets And Hidden Landing Pages

To find out more about their traffic generation, look for URLs that contain country codes. Any subdomain or localized page that has made it to the top globally will give you an idea about which country poses a greater value for your business.

Analyze the number of visitors to the regional page and determine the size of their audience in the country. Look for top pages that Google does not index. These can be landing pages made for PPC campaigns that can help you study effective marketing channels. Check out their CTAs, structure and design.

Competitors are inevitable, and you have no other choice but to compete. Smartness, flexibility, adaptability, and learning are the factors that decide who outsmarts the other. Once you have a clear idea of your competitor’s strategy and strengths, all which is left to do is think a tad higher. The best online marketing companies can help you decipher the right strategies and learning by analyzing your competitors’ sites and providing you with valuable insights.

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