Is It Evolution Or Revolution For Online Casinos?

Every industry, particularly in the digital marketplace, has to adapt and diversify to keep up. Whilst delivering timeless classics to a loyal audience can help sustain you in the short-term, offering something new that is ahead of the competition can underpin major growth.

It’s easier to follow this path in some industries than it is in others. For example, traditional console gaming developers have long blazed a trail by creating new genres and ways to play that have helped reinvent the overall experience, engage with new audiences and keep existing players coming back for more.

In other digital entertainment sectors, however, it’s a little trickier. The online casino sector was born out of an industry built on tradition and consistency, with titles like blackjack, poker, and roulette remaining staples of the casino for generations.

But while those games remain a major part of the modern online offering, they tell only part of the gambling sector’s story of success. In this article, we will examine how operators of online casino platforms succeed in using the revolution of creating entirely new games, as well as the evolution of building on established classics.

Bingo slots

A modern-day staple of the online casino, bingo is one of many games in the industry that has seamlessly made the transition into the digital age after having been enjoyed in bingo halls and community centers for generations.

One of the keys to bingo’s popularity is its simplicity. The rules are easy to learn and players only need place a small stake to stand a chance of winning a reasonable jackpot. But how do you keep the game relevant, and how do you ensure regular players keep coming back?

The development of new versions of bingo has helped to answer those questions, with new offerings like bingo slots taking the best of the game and combining it with the excitement of slots games. Within this, there are titles like Fluffy Favourites Slingo which combine the hybrid gameplay with different themes.

Tweaks and adaptations

Developers are also willing to experiment with some of the more timeless and established casino games to create something new. Games like blackjack and roulette continue to attract large audiences, and the vast majority of platforms offer the games to players.

But beyond tweaking the format for different stake levels, many brands have produced new versions of the game that introduce new rules and different ways to win. For example, Magic Seven Blackjack offers a smaller mini-game alongside the main action, where the player is rewarded for collecting tokens as they play.

More commonly, games like poker and roulette have been interpreted and adapted, usually for international audiences. Regionalized marketing is a tactic employed throughout digital media, but the world of online gambling has helped bring these distinct versions of games together and showcase them to new audiences.

Hot franchises

Platforms are also producing new games by utilizing some of the world’s most famous franchises from the world of entertainment, including TV shows, films, and even video games, which have all provided popular titles for adaptation. TV shows like Netflix mega-hit Rick & Morty and Deal Or No Deal have been adapted to create new slots games, while several major film franchises have also received the online casino treatment. Using this method has helped engage with audiences already familiar with the brand and helped introduce new players to the industry.

As you can see, whether it’s utilizing media franchises, tweaking the rules, or creating entirely new games, the online casino industry has succeeded in driving growth through constantly evolving its offering, and implementing bold new strategies to entice players.

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