How Link Building Is Changing The World of SEO

Link building is undeniably the strongest and most effective method of search engine optimization (SEO). For nearly two decades, it has remained one of the core signals that search engine algorithms use to determine how to rank a website for any given number of keywords or keyword strings.

In the article below we will walk you through the monumental ways that link building has single-handedly changed the landscape of SEO. We will also discuss how link building has changed itself due to a variety of factors.

Link building rose to prominence back in the late 1990s right after the first major search engines began operating. All of these search engines were initially faced with the challenge of determining how to properly rank websites in a manner that was the most conducive to what their search engine users wanted to see.

It was quickly determined that link popularity would be the most accurate way to determine what the most popular websites were. Primitive search engine algorithms would formulate which websites had the most backlinks and simply rank those websites at the top of their search results.

After all, if so many other websites were willing to point hyperlinks at a given website, then it must surely be popular enough for a search engine to strongly rank. That was the initial thinking, and thus the first aspect of search engine optimization was born.

In this digital world, every task has become easier to do. You don’t spend much more time in the audit of your website. You can check all the backlink details of your website in a few minutes. If you want to get backlink details of your website, you can use an online backlink checker by  SmallSEOtools. You just have to put the URL of your website in these tools and definitely you will get all the details about the backlinks placed on your website.

After a decade of link building being one of the core aspects of search engine optimization, the SEO practice started to be increasingly used to promote search engine spam and other junk websites. Search engines marketers by this point were able to easily game the search engine ranking system with aggressive link building practices.

These practices typically involved link exchanges, a practice where website owners would find other websites willing to exchange links in order to mutually boost each other’s search ranking. Many of these link exchanges took place between websites that were in no way related by the nature of their content.

Search Engines Fight Back and Change the SEO Landscape

Starting in 2011, all of the major search engines began to launch major search engine algorithm changes that completely reevaluated how they ranked websites. These measures were largely launched to counter-act the unethical link building practices that had been getting out of control.

Graphic representing workflow, including graphs, email logos and settings relating to SEO.

By 2017, most of the major search engines had completely shifted their ranking algorithm away from simplistic link popularity schemes, completely changing the SEO landscape in the process. Today, link building is still very important to building a website’s ranking up, however, there are now many other factors that a search engine algorithm takes into account when determining a specific ranking.

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