What Are The Best Satellite Internets For Gaming In The Countryside?

Today, we need the internet for almost every task. No matter we are living in a populated city or the countryside, we need internet connections to make our daily tasks done. Besides completing daily tasks, we need the internet for gaming too. Many people are living in the countryside and playing games. Their only option might be satellite internet services.

There are not many internet providers who are facilitating their services to the countryside areas. Some internet providers giving their services but the service is nearly useless for gaming. These internet networks are below average.

But still, some internet provider companies are best in providing the internet and facilitating their customers. You can play games easily by using the internet. Here we will list these internet services that are considered the best for gaming.

Having internet is difficult in the countryside

Yes, we have some compromises when are going to live in a countryside area. No matter, the environment is very fresh and clean. Moreover, there is no population and ultimately no pollution.

But still, we need to compromise on some things and the very main thing is the internet. Having internet is a need and it is also necessary for some extra tasks like gaming.

We consider gaming not an extra task anymore, some people are making millions by making games their profession and they earning online so, that’s why the internet is needed to run their businesses online.

The best internet providers

As we mentioned above, some internet providers are striving for making access to the internet easy even in the countryside.

And they are very successful by making their satellite internet the best. The speed of their network is good enough to play games or to manage your gaming business. Although satellite internet is not as common as hard-wired services, the best satellite internet options offer a great alternative when hard-wired connection is not available to your house.

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These internet providers are listed below and their network speed will be mentioned too.


Here comes the best internet provider on our list. HughesNet is considered one of the most useful and suitable connections for gaming. They are still striving to make their internet services better and useful for the gamers who are living in the countryside. And no doubt they proved themselves the best of all.

They are offering a download speed of 25MBPs and we can say that this is more than enough for gamers and not for gamers only, you can do your official tasks. We all know that there is still some compromise, they cannot provide us the best of all. The uploading speed of this network connection is 3MBPs which is not so impressive but still a good choice if we have a look at that we are living in the countryside.

Some extra facilities are given by the network providers and that can be a good option for their users. They are providing extra 50GBs between 2-8 am. The reason for giving this bonus is just to make their customers happy. If we talk about cost efficiency, we get to know that this network is cost-efficient and can be affordable for every person. Some of the providers make their rates very high that cannot be affordable for everyone.

So, making yourself cost-efficient is also a need to become the best in your field. But there is a small compromise. Due to using of satellites, we have some lag in our gaming that is just because of the distance between the earth and the satellite but the lag is not so great that cannot be bearable.

Internet speed

  • Downloading: 25 MBPS
  • Uploading: 3 MPBS

Data plan

  • Minimum: 20 GB
  • Maximum: 30 GB


We can list them on the second. ViaSat is the second most useful and powerful internet provider for the countryside. They are providing their services very efficiently. Same here in the case, they are also striving for making themselves cost-efficient and easily approachable for everyone. Looking at cost, they also stood second but can be one of the best choices.

ViaSat is giving 12-100 Mbps downloading speed which is dependent on the which plan you get. There are various plans and it all depends on you for which one you want to go to. But the downloading speed is more than enough to impress someone and this is not only for show, this is the figure given by the company and customers claimed that the speed is very good.

Many plans are starting from 12GB and ended up at 300GB. some players need extra data due to their interest in gaming and want to have all new games. To download new games, they must need the reasonable internet to makes themselves able to download and install them.

Internet speed

  • Minimum: 12 MBPS
  • Maximum: 100 MPBS

Data plan

  • Minimum: 12 GB
  • Maximum: 300 GB

Wrap up

It is clear that you need the internet to complete your tasks no matter where you
are living. Some people live in the countryside and run their businesses online.
So, when they are running their businesses online, they need efficient internet service. Most people have multiple streaming services and need good download speeds. and we listed two of them. You can choose whatever you want to go for.

Same as in the field of gaming, we need the internet to play games without any lags. But there is some compromise in every field. The internet is not so impressive that there will be no lag. But these two are good choices so you must have a look at them and decides whether it is worth using or not.

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