6 Ways To Generate More Money For Your Museum

In today’s digitally advanced age, it can be hard for places like museums to generate a steady income without proper strategies in place. Museums are still relevant and important as they provide a space where you can celebrate your heritage and learn about history and different cultures.

With proper planning and execution, museums can generate more money through multiple revenue streams. Given below are 6 ways to generate more money for your museum.

1. Maintain A Social Media Presence

Social media is the best platform you can use to showcase your museum and market it effectively to potential visitors. If your museum does not have any kind of social media presence, it can be hard to make your museum known or spread the word to people who have no knowledge about it. You will be missing out on a huge opportunity if you don’t make a proper effort to promote your museum on popular social media platforms.

Here are a few ways you can effectively market your museum on social media,

  • Post aesthetically pleasing images of your museum on your social media page. Make sure it is authentic and real, not heavily edited or altered pictures.
  • Use popular hashtags or hashtags related to your museum. This is a great way to get interested people to notice your page.
  • You can follow related social media pages which can boost your chances of getting noticed by them.

2. Have Subsidiary Shops In Your Museum

Your museum must be a comfortable and inviting space for your visitors. If your museum does not have any kind of subsidiary shops like refreshment stalls, food stalls or merchandise stores, it can be kind of boring. Visitors are more likely to enjoy their visit if they are given opportunities to have refreshments or buy knick knacks. It might be a big investment at first, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

Here are a few ideas you can implement for your subsidiary shops,

  • You can have general stalls for snacks and drinks. If you want to be more innovative, you can incorporate museum themes in your snacks and drinks.
  • You can have stores where people can purchase knick knacks, merchandise or other museum related items.
  • If you want to get creative, you can even have a game area or zone.

3. Create Opportunities For Volunteers

You might be thinking how you can make additional income through volunteers. There are plenty of ways volunteers can help you attract visitors for your museum.

  • They can promote your museum on their social media pages.
  • They can effectively communicate with visitors and educate them on museum-related topics. This can lead to interest among visitors.
  • They can encourage visitors to make donations for museum fundraising.

You can give your volunteers small tasks or activities according to their skills. For example if your volunteer has good photography skills, he or she can help you take pictures for your social media page. You can reward your volunteers by giving them free tickets or merchandise.

4. Educate Your Visitors And Encourage Them To Donate

Many museum visitors do not donate because most of the time they do not know what they are donating towards. It is essential to properly educate your visitors on the cause and how their donations can help in preserving and maintaining artefacts and other important pieces. Let them know their donations are valuable and contribute to a good cause.

Museums should also make sure their visitors can donate through multiple channels. Instead of limiting donations to physical boxes, make proper arrangements for online donations also. An online donation option can make payment convenient for your visitor.

5. Hold Interesting And Innovative Events

Hold events in your museum which could be of possible interest to people. You can hold workshops, art competitions and even invite guest lecturers to speak at these events. You can give people an opportunity to showcase their talents through these events. These events can be educational, fun or for the purpose of creating awareness. Events can make museum visits a lot more interesting and give visitors something to look forward to.

6. Don’t Turn Down Outside Event Booking Opportunities

Museums are becoming popular places to book different events like weddings, parties, auctions and other professional events. A lot of museums turn down these opportunities due to fear of initial charges or other rental agreements. But event bookings are a great opportunity for a steady flow of income. Once you get past the initial difficulties, event bookings are going to be a regular part of your museum.


Your museum does not have to solely rely on ticket sales for its funding. You can easily generate extra revenue through the above-mentioned ways like booking events, encouraging donations in an effective manner, and spreading the word on social media. Make your museum a whole experience instead of just a visiting place.

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