What Are Some of the Most Unexpected Costs for Tech Companies?

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and as such tech companies are some of the most in demand, cutting-edge ventures in the world. Whilst they are undoubtedly well managed and capable of creating some of the finest quality, exciting products the world has ever seen, not everything goes to plan.

Due to the fast-paced nature of tech companies, there are often unexpected costs, especially for less experienced startups. Here are some of the potential unexpected costs a tech company may face.


Since the world is now a global marketplace, the majority of companies ship their products around the world to a number of different destinations. Whilst most will have their shipping process well planned and coordinated (many may use delivery services like NationalPallets), the very nature of shipping means there is always the possibility of having to deal with unforeseen costs.

The quantity of products a company sends, as well as which transport method they use, could have significant bearings on the prices they pay for shipping. Each country may have different tariffs and costs relating to customs clearance, too, making it hard to accurately predict all shipping costs.

Faulty Products

Whilst most tech companies are meticulous with their design and construction processes, all technology is susceptible to faults or, in the most extreme cases, oversights in the design process itself. This can lead to unhappy customers returning the products or even lawsuits against the company (if the product turns out to be dangerous, for example).

Since it is impossible for a tech company to accurately predict how much product faults/returns may cost them, it is equally hard for them to factor this into their budget.


The technology industry is extremely fast-paced, and such an environment offers startups the ability to grow and prosper in a relatively short period of time. Whilst this may provide numerous opportunities, it also makes it difficult for tech businesses to factor in the various costs associated with business growth.

These may include hiring new staff, purchasing new equipment or investing in better facilities, all of which may be needed very quickly in order for the business to make the most of the opportunities presented to it.

Whilst tech companies are constantly developing and expanding (at a fast rate), unexpected costs can be a significant obstacle. Luckily, a bit of budgeting and planning ahead can often help to offset unexpected costs and keep the company growing and moving forward.

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