11 Most Weird And Exciting Gadgets From CES 2018

The world’s biggest annual tech extravaganza- the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, has just ended in Las Vegas. Held between January 9 and 12 of this year, the event showcased the latest gadgets and technologies from major electronics giants like Sony, Samsung, and LG, to name a few. Large TV screens, wearables, IOT devices and smart cars, as well as unique innovations and cutting-edge products from startups and firms looking to carve a niche in the global tech market dominated the headlines.

However, there were also several wonderfully weird products and unusual technology that emerged from the show. Here we take a look at some of the most exciting and strange innovations at CES 2018:

11. Kohler Numi toilet

Is a ridiculously expensive smart toilet something that appeals to you? Kohler’s voice-activated intelligent toilets feature mood lighting, music playback, a deodorizer, a foot warmer, and special ‘advanced bidet functionality’ with actions like ‘pulsate’, ‘oscillate’ and ‘wave’ water spray might be the thing you are looking for. Get it for only $6000!

10. Spartan silver-lined underwear

You must have come across at least one article stating the danger of being exposed to mobile radiation (especially on your sperm count). Spartan’s silver-lined boxer briefs are touted to protect your nether regions from around 99% of phone and Wi-Fi radiation. Whether they actually work or are merely grand claims from the company should be clear in the near future.

9. My Special Aflac therapy duck

Strange in concept but heartwarming in practice, My Special Aflac is a robot duck that helps children undergoing cancer treatment feel better with their condition. It uses animated sounds, emojis, and movements to help alleviate their suffering and make the recovery process more bearable.

8. Somnox robotic pillow

I can’t even start to explain how strange and sad this gadget is. This might very well be a great solution for the forever singles crowd, because this pillow from Somnox will replicate the same feelings and sensations as of snuggling up to a real human. Intended as a therapeutic sleep aid, it is likely to be quite beneficial despite giving such sad vibes.

7. Mitipi Kevin speaker

If you read this device’s description, you might think this is another sad companion to the Somnox. After all, this is a speaker which gives the impression through ambient sound and lighting that there are many people in your home, even if you are the only lonely little squirt who has no friends. However, the ingenuity of this product is in being an effective security device, as burglars are less likely to be attracted to a place where it seems there is a crowd. Particularly useful when you have to leave your house unguarded.

6. Modius headband

When it comes to weight loss, people will try just about any gadgets. Here is a headset from Modius that makes yet again the same claim as many snake oil products- get slim with minimal effort. But how does it do this? By sending electrical signals to your brain, targeting the hypothalamus, making you feel less hungry. Though skepticism revolves around the efficacy of this product, there are surely going to be some takers willing to give it a shot.

5. Helite Hip’Air

Old age sucks. We become old, our reaction time decreases, our bodies become fragile, and if one falls, grievous injury can be sustained. The Helite HipGuard is an immensely useful product, and has constantly-scanning sensors that can detect an impending fall and immediately deploy two airbags near your hips to soften the impact. Worn above the hip like a belt, it looks a bit cumbersome, but can be a potential life-saver.

4. Magik smart toothbrush

The Magik smart toothbrush makes brushing the teeth into an augmented reality game, ensuring that the little ones have pearly whites while also being entertaining at the same time. Don’t forget to bring your kids for their routine check ups at the dentist in Tallahassee to maintain strong, healthy teeth.

3. Yevo recycled gun headphones

With the advent of Apple’s AirPods, wireless earbuds have become increasingly popular among users. What’s so special about the Yevo earbuds? As the name suggests, they are made using recycled materials of illegal firearms. With a slick design and great sound quality, these gadgets make for a good buy, especially because half the profits go toward gun-control charities and institutions.

2. Selfly

A selfie-taking drone that can fit in a phone case phone case, Selfly has been launched by AEE Aviation Technology at CES 2018. Costing around $130, Selfly features Sony sensors and can fly 45 feet in the air, recording and live streaming 1080p videos with its built-in camera.

1. Teslasuit Full-Body VR suit

Virtual reality (VR) has seen a sharp uptrend in recent years, with major global companies like Google and Facebook making significant investments in the technology. To give a full-body VR experience, Tesla Studios (not related to Tesla Motors) has launched the first such suit called the Teslasuit VR. Imagine playing a game with this. All your sensory inputs, nerves and muscles will get a realistic simulation to feel the shock of a wound or gunshot. By far one of the most expensive gadgets on our list, though!

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