Ways To Deal With Balding In Your 20’s

Going bald is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing experiences a person can go through. It takes years to come to grips with the problem and even longer to find ways to make it work. No matter the shape and styling, a full head of hair plays a lot in a person’s overall level of confidence.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of going bald can start at a very early age for a lot of people. Young individuals experience a lot of trauma until they are able to welcome the condition and overcome mental suffering. While there are ways to potentially prevent hair loss, tackling the world with a proud bald head also has its strategies.

Reasons Behind This Phenomena

Early balding can be due to a number of reasons. Some are out of our control, while others are easily resolved with a change in lifestyle. Below are some common reasons for balding.

Genetic Condition

The possibility of eventually going bald is, in most cases, linked to a person’s genes. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is profoundly common amongst the youth. Due to its hereditary nature, reverting this phenomenon is not possible and will lead to permanent hair loss.


Stress and anxiety can lead to spurts of hair loss. Students under pressure from their studies, corporate employees struggling with their workload, or businessmen stressing about their next shipment of products; anxiety exists in all phases of life. Some cases suggest that prolonged exposure to high levels of stress leads to eventual Male Pattern Baldness.

Insufficient Nourishment

Vitamins A, B, and E are essential for hair to receive proper nutrition. Diets should include necessary proteins and be taken in optimal intervals. Nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron are important constituents that enrich the conditions on the skull for ideal hair growth.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Unless kept at modest levels, alcohol and cigarette consumption can lead to temporary hair loss. Smoking gradually reduces the flow of blood to the scalp. Additionally, physical scalp damage (scars) has been witnessed due to this. Doctors will always advise not to smoke or consume alcohol, and not just because of hair fall issues.

The Balding Process

Despite the sad outcome of balding, the process takes a while to completely lose all the hair. The procedure affects people in a variety of ways. In general, however, the hair initially begins to lay flat, start thinning and then fall out significantly.

If not treated at this stage, small bald patches will eventually start appearing, despite any rigorous efforts to hide them. The hair will be too thin to cover all areas of the scalp. These spots will keep expanding until the whole head is devoid of hair.

Effective Solutions

A person experiencing excessive hair loss generally opts for one of two temporary solutions: either keep it short or make the head look full of hair by growing long locks.  You can find some of the best hair growth shampoos online which have been helping hair loss victims for years. However, these don’t necessarily solve the root problem. 

Consult a Doctor

Medical reasons for balding can be best dealt with by professionals. A lot of the people suffering from this phenomenon take this step as the final attempt at restoring their lost grace. However, during this time, they are exposed to chemicals that they might wrongly feel are accelerating the recovery procedure. This can be dangerous if the products being used are not suitable for the person. Proper and safe medication is essential. Also, transplants are not a myth as some healthcare professionals deem them suitable. It is always highly recommended to consult a doctor if hair fall occurs at an extremely fast rate. Medihair’s hair loss guide shares the truth behind hair loss and what effective treatment options are available.

Shave Your Head

Although it does seem that going fully bald is the last resort, we suggest this step be taken as early as possible. The sooner all the hair is shaved off from your head, the healthier the conditions become for the scalp to try and regenerate.

A shaved scalp tends to be cleaner compared to a head full of hair. Sweating is kept at a minimum, something which adversely affects the health of the hair follicles. Dandruff ceases to exist on a bald head and the costs of treating your scalp go down to a minimum if any at all. Some people find bald heads to be attractive and go to great lengths to work on them. Finally, a lack of hair tends to negate the stress of always maintaining it.

Live With It Proudly

Most cases of baldness we witness around us are results of Male Pattern Baldness. There is no cure to this. Attempting to recover from this might lead us to use products or follow procedures that might adversely affect the condition. Accepting your fate and embracing baldness can be the most liberating step to take in such situations.

People who prefer to hide their baldness initially can choose to wear a hat when around others. Unless they decide to keep this up forever, this is not a permanent solution.

Final Words

None of us are alone in the fight against going bald. The impact this leaves in our lives is staggering as well. Approximately 24% of women state that going bald is like having a limb cut off! The emotional trauma is significant. However, it is not the end of the world. Proper medication, acceptance, and healthy life can go a long way for you.

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