Is A Body Hair To Scalp Transplant Possible?

Yes, it is indeed possible to transplant body hair to one’s scalp. It can be done using Follicular Unit Extraction if the donor area is scarce on the scalp. This process is to harvest hair from different sides of the body, such as the chest, underarms, beard, etc. Hair transplant surgeries in various formats are becoming increasingly popular. There are many different options available in the market for people to choose from. There are different price points and recovery periods. Best hair transplants in pune are more feasible. Different modes of conducting hair transplants accompany them. 

More and more people are embracing the goodness of these treatments. While they do not claim to recuperate absolute hell crude and promise density, they help revive a person’s confidence. There is also an increased awareness among people, which did not exist many years ago. People would resort to hair oiling and other remedies in hopes of regaining their lost hair. However, significant hair fall can only be remedied with hair transplants.Best hair transplant in Pune are affordable and offer a plethora of treatments. 


Ideally, a hair transplant occurs, harvesting hair from the back of one’s head and the sides. But in case of scarcity, beard hair and chest hair can be used. Beard hair is a preferred option because of its thickness and diameter. This type of transplant is ideal when the balding level is 6 or 7. 

A hair transplant can only be conducted with hair from the permanent zone. This implies the hair growth found here is resistant to the actions of dihydrotestosterone. It simply means that this hair growth is not affected by hormonal changes. The comprehensive scalp consists of about 1 lakh hair. This number is divided among the sides and back of the head. Ultimately the back region is bereft of sufficient growth. It is challenging to mimic a head full of hair with such fewer follicle units. Nearly 6000 follicle units are needed to create the facade of 75000. Such events trigger the need to transplant hair from other parts of the body. 

It is possible to use chest and back hair. However, their appearance and texture are paradoxical from the hair growing on one’s head. They also lack the anagen phase. They do not extend beyond a centimetre. But, the beard hair is quite similar to the mane. Hence, using beard hair is plausible. It is also similarly dense to the hair on one’s head. Using scalp hair coupled with beard hair is a great fix. 

Earlier, people were opposed to using beard hair owing to the fear of scarring. It would leave pesky marks, undermining one’s appearance. However, with more state-of-the-art technologies on the horizon, tinier punches are available in the market. They are available in several sizes and induce non-visible scarring. For the job to look seamless, the team must excel at what they do. Their trained prowess is much needed. The team should mix this hair and deliver it so that it is not discernible to the naked eye. It must appear evenly. 80-85% of beard transplants have been a success story.


1) The growth phase of hair is the longest on the scalp. Whereas body hair never grows. Transplanting it would mean a stagnant length throughout.

2) Their density also significantly varies. The scalp is denser. Body hair is relatively scanty.


1) Roughly 500-4000 grafts can be transplanted in a matter of two days. In this period, the doctor ascertains the graft extraction and its placement in recipient areas. 

2) The hair must be shaved for about 5-7 days before the donor area procedure. The entire process occurs under an anesthetic dose. The wounds heal in a matter of 4-5 days and leave behind non-visible scarring. The doctors recommend their patients conceal the donor area around this time and take peculiar care of it. 

3) Most of the time, the grafts extracted from the donor site contain 1-2 hair. These are then transplanted to the recipient area. Occasionally, doctors may need to remove excess skin before transplanting. 


With technology taking an upswing, hair transplant treatment has become prolific. There are many significant factors attached to the procedure for it to be a success story. These include correct preparation of follicular units, error-free storage and hydration of hair grafts and optimal implantation. Body hair is also helpful for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation. 

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