Productivity Hacks For Teachers

Teaching is not at all an easy job. As educators, we have a lot on our plate almost all time. As teachers, we want what’s best for our students and are always prepared to give our best in order to enhance their academic achievement. Teacher’s regularly update themselves with new changes in pedagogy such as learning how to teach online, determining which methods work and which ones don’t. When a teacher is dedicated and productive, the students’ learning outcomes automatically soar. By contrast, if an educator’s productivity takes a dip, it risks putting an adverse effect on students’ academic achievement. 

A successful educator is an expert at getting maximum productivity out of their limited time. They explore various teaching modes apart from the traditional teaching methods, such as mobile teacher app, and use of educational technology. In order to enhance your productivity as an educator, first and foremost, you must ascertain your current level of productivity and exactly what you need to do in order to improve upon it. Here, are a few ways in which any educator can categorically improve their productivity….

Follow a simple and clear cut work ethic-

The best way to improve productivity is by following a simple yet effective work ethic. You should keep your work environment well organized. If you plan ahead, you are better prepared for contingency or deal with stuff as it comes up. Whether you are using a home workspace or teaching in a traditional setting, always declutter your workspace and try. It will leave a positive impact on your psyche and you will feel more motivated to teach, which will definitely enable you in increasing your productivity as an educator. Moreover, the less clutter you surround yourself with, the faster and easier it is for you to access relevant documents which have the information you need, for teaching effectively or any other important administrative task at school. Thus, the idea of simple living and high thinking still holds water.

Don’t Wait for Perfection-

An American psychologist once performed an experiment with a group of his students. He gave a time of one week to each group and then asked one group to imagine and design a perfect pot, while to the other group he gave the task of making as many pots as they could each day, for the whole week. When the experiment concluded, the results astound everyone. The group of students whose task was to make one perfect pot, couldn’t come anywhere near in quality when compared with the other group whose goal statement did not focus on quality at all. Therefore, in order to be more productive as an educator, you should not waste your time waiting for perfection; instead you should go out there and teach according your students to the best of your ability, every single time and before you know it, you will be the perfect educator to them. 

Set up clear objectives for yourself and the students-

Clarity of purpose is a key factor that determines one’s productivity. In case of educators, they not only need to have clear goals for themselves but they also need to chalk out clear-cut objectives at the beginning of the session, for their students to follow. Clear-cut objectives let the students know about what they can expect throughout the year and the things which are expected of them. Having clear goals for yourself will help you in becoming a more productive educator as well.

Make a priority list-

A teacher has many tasks assigned to them from a day to day basis. If you do each task on a First Come First Serve basis, it can seriously hamper your productivity, without you even realising it. Having a priority list always comes in handy as an educator. You could prioritise your daily tasks in any which way you like. A good way can be dividing tasks based on a couple of factors such as importance and urgency. Maintaining a priority list on a daily basis can markedly improve your level of productivity as an educator.

A more productive educator is a more successful educator. Certainly, if educators follow the tips mentioned in this article diligently, they will definitely become more productive and successful at teaching.

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