Vape Kits 101: How To Build Your First Mod

Since it’s been established smoking tobacco could be harmful to your health, there’s been a growing rise and popularity in vaping. The Public Health England published a study that showed vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Therefore, it’s not surprising that smokers are choosing vape kits rather than cigarettes. Although beginners may find vaping intimidating, once they start, it’s not difficult.  

The vape industry is competitive; there are several vape manufacturers that make up the majority of the industry. As you shop around, you’ll see various products that range from affordable to expensive. Manufacturers strategize to find ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. 

It’s no surprise that many are drawn to the vape world—especially when they can use interesting gadgets or accessories to inhale their favorite liquid. A variety of vape kits are available from reliable online shops like Vape and Juice. There’s always room for experimentation, whether it’s mods or e-juices; the possibilities are endless. Vapes are here to stay, because they could be a safer alternative to cigarettes. Read this article as a guide to building your first vape mod.  

Different Types Of Mods

Modifications, or mod for short, is a common e-cigarette term used to describe any vaping device that is not a cigalike. From look, to functionality, to settings, mods can come in various forms; whichever you choose will depend on what you desire out of your vaping session. Listed below are different mod styles: 

  1. Box Mods 

Box mods are named after their literal shape. This style tends to be larger than other mods and has a large, removable battery and an adjustable temperature control. Box mods are trendy these days and are typically used by vapers who want a larger capacity battery and the ability to raise or lower the nicotine strength. If these features are your priority, box mods are the ones for you.

  1. Slimline Mods

Slimline mods are simply a smaller version of box mods. Slimline’s typically focus on form; their frames are too thin to support a removable battery, so the battery is built-in. These kits often have adjustable settings and cater to those who want box mod functionality without sacrificing size.  

  1. Mech Mods 

Mechanical mods get their name from the lack of electrical components. Generally, they’re cylindrical with metal material and contain a rechargeable 18650 battery that is typically on the bottom of the device and is pushed up as you press a button. In most cases, mechanical mods are used by vapers to produce huge clouds of vapor. Quora explains sub-ohm vaping, a style of vaping that produces large clouds or vapor, uses low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. With the retractable battery, this gadget can be used to its full capacity. Nevertheless, you should take the time to become familiar with battery safety and ohm law to practice appropriate vaping.

  1. Squonk Mods 

Squonk mods are not as popular as the other mods they’re blended from. A hybrid between a regular electronic cigarette and a mechanical mod, squonk mods parallel those to rebuildable dripper atomizers (RDAs). Squonks are square and contain an e-liquid bottle, battery, and what’s known as a dripper, a tank that’s open where the e-liquid can pour directly onto a coil and cotton for a better taste.

Squonk mods are essentially a hands-free drip system. An e-cigarette squonker contains a battery and a bottle usually concealed behind a magnetic cover. By squeezing the bottle of e-liquid, the liquid goes up through the tank’s body and feeds into your coil. Even though it’s not as popular, dripping’s a trendy vaping style because it’s not difficult to maintain.

Components Of A Vape

Granted, there are CBD vape pens that’re disposable, typically, a vape or vape mod is a complex system of components that combines various elements. As a whole, these components can be easily replaced should anything go wrong or if you decide you want to modify your vaping experience. The basic anatomy of a vape kit consists of:  

  • Mod or Device

The mod mechanism is typically the first thing people look for when building their vaporizer. Self-contained devices are often equipped with an atomizer and tank built-in, which can be removed and replaced when desired.  

  • Atomizer

Vapes are incomplete without the atomizer. This heat-resistant component is what makes liquids turn into vapor. You can buy an atomizer separately or have it built into your tank, depending on what you choose. If you love sub-ohm vaping and consider yourself a cloud-chaser or trickster, then you will be enamored with this component because the atomizer is what produces the mounds of vapor.  

  • Tank

The tank stores the e-liquid and is usually called a cartridge if you’re using a disposable device. A vape tank can drastically alter the user’s vaping experience with features like adjustable airflow, so this piece is often the first item purchased or replaced.  

  • Battery

It’s a no-brainer that power comes from a battery; this fact is true for vapes as well. Vapes are typically powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, but there are other options as well. Power should be sufficient without making the device too heavy or bulky. Keeping batteries or any power safe is essential, so keep that in mind eventually they will have to be replaced due to wear and tear.   

  • Coils 

A variety of tanks means there’s a variety of coils also. With a mod capable of delivering high power, you could elect for sub-ohm coils and produce enormous vapor clouds. A small tank for a slimline would probably do best with a higher resistance coil.  

  • E-Liquid 

Once you’ve assembled your unit, you can tailor your vape juice for your electronic cigarette. It might be best to choose an e-liquid that’s less in nicotine and more in vegetable glycerin (VG) concentration for cloud chasing setups. For mods with smaller coils that have higher resistance, propylene glycol (PG) nicotine or nic salts will have higher concentrations of nicotine.  

  • The Wicks

The wick or wicking material draws the e-liquid into the coil, then heats it and vaporizes it. Cotton, rayon, ceramic, mesh, and wool are some of the materials used in making wicks. Proper care of your coil is essential so you’ll always get the optimum vapor.  


In the end, vaping is still a less harmful consumption method than smoking. With the above list in mind, you may wonder if it’s worth it to create your vape mod from scratch. Although it’s excellent to buy a pre-built unit or puff a disposable e-cigarette from time to time, most people might find that building a vape mod offers a more enjoyable experience.

If you’re interested in cloud chasing, building your own model would be the best recommendation. Hopefully, this guide about different mods and vape kit components has shed light on the e-cigarette experience. 

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