5 Old Retro Games That Will Remind You Of Your Early Nerdy Days

Today, the Gaming World prides itself on pixel-perfect games with many platforms due to many technological advancements made by Gaming tech lovers. However, any deep-rooted gamer will tell you that classic games cannot be ignored and that they have immensely contributed to modern gaming. Retro gaming was and still is rewarding to any gamer offering a lot to reminisce on and appreciate their gaming journey.

Many old video games played a significant role in laying a foundation for modern gaming and are still available. You may not be able to get old classic games and theirconsoles today, but the ROMs website will offer youa guide and the best sites that you can use to download ROMs safely and freely on your devicewhenever you want to play any of your favorite classic games.

For anyone that is into retro gaming, you will find our list of five classic games that we cannot forget or get enough of very nostalgic.

Donkey Kong (1981)

Donkey Kong was the game that enabled Nintendo to break into North America. It was the first gaming platform to require jumping while leaping over the obstacles and any enemies. Donkey Kong had four stages, and to get yourself awarded any points after stage completion, you had to jump over obstacles, use “hammer power-up” for object destruction, collect items such as purses and parasols, and take out rivets from the platforms. 

Super Mario Bros (1985)

The iconic Super Mario Bros came with an introduction of side-scrolling, power-ups, and classic enemy features that provided visually rich and quirky gameplay. The kickoff for the Super Mario series revived the North American gaming industry that had crashed in 1983. The game had four levels which, Mario or Luigi, had to get to the end of by jumping separate gaps and avoiding the enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

The game was released by SEGA as a competitor for Nintendo’s juggernaut and established SEGA and Sonic as pioneers of the video game industry. Sonic was packaged as an edgier, and spunkier alternative to Nintendo’s Mario. The game had an emphasis on speed, had spectacular loops, springs, high falls, slopes, and environmental tricks. The player would control Sonic, who aimed to free his animal friends and collect the Chaos Emeralds by stopping Robotnik’s plans.

Street Fighter II (1991)

The competitive 2D fighting arcade game came with multiple and playable characters. The characters had command-based moves, unique fighting styles, a combo system, competitive two-player mode, and a six-button configuration. For each round, the gamer had to fight with the opponent in one-on-one combat and had to drain their life before the timer. Car and barrel breaking were bonus stages that earned one extra points.

Space Invaders (1978)

Space Invaders was an arcade game that involved alien shooting. The gamer aimed at destroying the descending alien waves using a laser cannon. The aliens counter fired as one got to the bottom of the sea.As more of the aliens were annihilated, their movement sped up and to bullseye them and stay alive became even more difficult. Destroying the mystery ship earned bonus points. The game pioneered music use to impact player emotions formodern video games.

Although the gaming industry has experienced a lot of noticeable improvement, from the graphics, gameplay, and even cloud gaming, any gamer cannot forget about the classic games that were fun and adventurous. Some of the classic games were the pioneers of superior gaming technology, new genres and game series, and the games that brought forth many iconic game franchises.

Retro games are still available, and you can play themanytime you are in the mood for some classic nostalgia.Platforms such as the ROMs website have enabled their play and guidance on what you need to do and have for your enjoyable play. 

We currently live in a gaming golden age with extraordinary scopes of gaming experiences for almost every taste. However, it is still challenging to not yearn for the old days that had 8 and 16- bit game titles that were much simpler but shaped many gamers into the shrewd addicts they are today.

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