Call of Duty Warzone: Tips For Winning A Battle Royale

If you love Battle Royale games, you’re probably onto the “Call of Duty: Warzone.” The game is fierce, and if you must master it, you’ll need to employ some proven pro players’ strategies right from the beginning until the end. 

But the question now is, do you want to win or play only for fun? If you want to win this competitive game, keep reading. We’ll help you with some pro tips that can transform both a beginner and a medium-level player into a professional. 

Winning tips from pro players

  1. Strategize a better landing 

Many players are often confused about whether to land first before their enemies or land after their enemies. Since the game starts from leaving the plane, it’s best to land 1400-1800 meters away from the point you jumped out. To achieve that, try pointing your nose towards your target spot and push yourself forward. Also, don’t cut your chute but pull it faster after leaving the plane. This landing will take you out of the plane path and far from other players who may want to shoot you while on air. 

Some people may argue that you need to land before your enemies. But remember, those other players coming down above you could also shoot you from the air and even kill you before you land. So, we suggest you enjoy a quieter landing away from enemies. But if you can’t make it far, be ready to shoot it out. 

  1. Shoot when you’re sure of killing

When playing the COD, don’t be tempted to shoot once you spot an enemy. It’s best to check if you can kill your enemy once you take the shot before you try. Also, check if some teammates are around to retaliate after you release your weapon. 

In the first instance, if you shoot and miss, you’ve alerted the enemy of your presence and compromised your location. The enemy can then take cover and retaliate with much power. Also, if your opponent’s teammates are around when you miss, they’ll all come at you, and you’re dead. 

So, locate your enemy, wait until they’re alone and vulnerable before you shoot. That way, you can make a kill. 

  1. Make enough cash fast.  

There are two ways to make money on COD. The first is through contracts, and the second is looting. There are five types of contracts to complete on the game. There are the Bounties, Recon, Scavenger, Supply Run, and Most Wanted. Each of these contracts will help you to earn the cash you need. If you track down the enemy with a bounty on its head, you’ll earn cash, bragging right, and loot. As for recon, it means you hold a position for a certain amount of time and fight off enemies as they attack you. 

For scavenger, you’ll hunt for three boxes and gain loot & cash once you find it. For most wanted, you’re the target for everyone to hunt, and if you last three minutes without dying, you’ll earn cash, and dead inmates will resurrect as well. As for the supply run, you’ll earn personal discounts for reaching the Buy station first. But when you’re looting, don’t go alone. Loot with your teammates to avoid exposure.  

The reason to make enough cash is to get your customized loadout drop for $10k and to gather other equipment with the rest. Loadout airdrops will equip you with customized guns & equipment to fight better. Moreover, if your teammate doesn’t win the Gulag fight, you can use like $4k to buy them into the game again. 

  1. Teamwork is better always. 

Always work with your team. Don’t face the enemies or go for loot without having your teammates close by for support. To achieve better teamwork, learn how to strategize your callouts too. 

Always make sure that your team knows your position. Communicate with one another always, even when facing difficult situations. Use team-specific words to alert your team members of the enemies. 

Most importantly, don’t rush to revive your teammate that went down without checking the position of the enemy. You may expose yourself for the enemy to kill and end up losing the battle entirely. 

  1. Up your game with advanced equipment 

The best tip so far is to get all the equipment you can for better chances of winning. Make sure you first buy your loadout drops, of course, and then go for other ones. With armor plates, Cluster Strikes, and UAVs, you and your teammates can survive better. If everyone in your team has a UAV, you can easily see where the enemies are and protect one another more. 

Armor plates are very important to survive in the game. You can buy them at “Buy Station” if you didn’t find them in open play. But if you find a satchel, you can equip yourself properly with 3 and store at least 5 to 8 for backups.

  1. Be smart with weapons.

The first thing to do is to avoid the MG34 gun. This gun will weigh you down and doesn’t have enough magazines for the battle. The most annoying thing is that you can spend useful time loading the chunky mate. So, if you can avoid it, do so. 

The next important thing is to use two kinds of weapons. Since the game allows players to use two different weapons, choose each one from a different class. 


Call of Duty Warzone is a very exciting and competitive game for everyone. All you need is to master the tips we’ve shared for a better experience. However, if you want to get some competitive edge on the battleground, you can use some warzone cheats. With such technique, you can kill the enemies before they even see you. 

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