UX Audit Service With Every Detail For Your Options

UX Audit Services is in hot demand these days due to an increase in the number of e-commerce websites. UX Audit also means user Experience audit which has become very popular to improve e-commerce websites’ traffics, virtualization, etc.

Suppose you have an e-commerce website, and you are noticing that visitors interact with your home page but while checking out they fail to convert. That’s when User Experience Audit Service comes to play.

UX Audit Services is an effective way to pinpoint faulty or imperfect areas of a digital product, which can be your website or parts of your website which are obstructing with users and stopping conversions.

The next question that arises is what exactly happens during a UX audit service.

To put it simply during a UX audit the auditor generally uses various tools and methods to analyze exactly what and where is going wrong in a particular digital product.

Some tools of UX services are as follows:

  • Conversion metrics
  • Data from Customer care service
  • Data from the sales report
  • User Objective tracking
  • Traffic status and its pattern
  • Compliance with UX standard

Conversion Metrics:

Conversion metrics is a comparative study of conversion metrics of traffics on a particular website to get an in general trend of the conversion metrics throughout a week or month. This can give an idea regarding the time frame from when traffic is decreasing.

Data Accumulated from Customer Care Service:

To ascertain where a product is going wrong, feedback from customer care service may prove to be a valuable input in the process of audit services. This feedback will determine where a product is going wrong or what the customer thinks about the product.

Sales Report Data:

This is another important tool to determine the after-sales report and the sales trend of a product over a particular time. Sales report data also includes Customers’ affinity towards a particular product compared to other products. This can prove to be a handy tool to determine the reason behind the poor performance of a particular product.

User Objective Tracking:

It is another useful tool in the process of design audit services. User objecting tracking simply means tracking the behavior of the user over a particular period which might determine why a product is over performing or underperforming.

Traffic Status of a Website:

To determine, what is wrong with an e-commerce website, tracking the traffic can be an effective way of determining the fault. By website traffic, we mean the number of visitors on a website. Traffic status and patterns determine the number of visitors on a website and how they are fluctuating over a particular time.

Compliance with UX Standard:

To check whether a product is compliant with UX or user experience standard is an effective method to determine any kind of shortcomings in the particular product.

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