Use Your Head & Grab The Right Gear For the 2014 World Cup

stick drive

So the FIFA World Cup is only a few days away and you need to get yourself set. I know it is tempting to just run out to the games with your basic traveling gear. After all the World Cup is a free-flowing event where fans can just have fun, cheer for their team, and live in the moment without a care in the world.

But do yourself a favor, if you want to be included in the “One Rhythm” of the Cup in Brazil, get prepared with the right gear and gadgets for the event. Here is a list to get you packed and ready.

1. Novelty Mini Portable Soccer Flashdrive 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup – Ok, you know you are bound to need some extra digital storage during the World Cup, so why not get a cool-looking USB stick while you are at it? 8 Gb for under $10 is a great deal considering the FIFA design on the memory stick.

stick drive

2. 2014 FIFA World Cup Speaker with radio function – You know you will need some extra sound when checking out your music during a break in the soccer action of the World Cup, so pick this Cup-themed speaker up before you head out to Brazil. Play music from your iPhone of course and you can even use the radio function for local broadcasts. Neat little device with a smooth design.


3. Individual Country Themed Earphones – Liroyal 2014 World Cup Flag Sport Earphone Headset Headphone Earbuds with Microphone For iPod iPad iPhone 5 5S 4 4S 3GS – Show some real support for your home team during the World Cup. Stick your support in your ear! These earbuds are themed to match whatever country that you are rooting for in the soccer matches. Nothing says loyalty like home team themed music devices.


4. Soccer Match Stress Buster – Let me tell you something about sports, they will freak you out. I feel so much pressure with my team on the field, it is as if I have a contract on the line! Yes, it is hard on the soul to hang on every play of a game. This stress buster may just get you through the 2014 World Cup without punching the wall.

stress buster

5. 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup 13x National Flag Hard Case Cover For iPhone 5 5S – Well no one can accuse you of not supporting your country during the Cup matches. I mean you haven’t slept in a week because of your nervous anticipation of the soccer matches. So I guess the only thing left to do is get a country themed case for your iPhone. That will complete the cycle of fandom.

hard case cover

6. Sony Smartband Brazil Edition – It is a great idea to track your fitness with a smartband but that is not all it can do, as it keeps tabs on your communications, entertainment, as well as other events. What better event to have a digital ‘fun’ tracker at, than the FIFA World Cup? No need to answer that. It was a rhetorical question 🙂


7. Awesome World Cup Official Ball – It is not like you are not going to have some free time to play some soccer yourself while the World Cup is going on. You have to take a break from the TV occasionally. I know it will be tough on you but the Cup lasts for a month. You must get some exercise during that time. This official soccer ball may just save your life.

official world cup ball

8. Water Bottle with an IQ > Yours – Water is in the top three list of human needs. And we don’t always do a great job of staying hydrated. This water bottle will help you stay on track with your hydration needs. It is especially good when you are too busy to track your own H20 consumption…like, I don’t know, distracting events like The World Cup!


9. 2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer Team Bracelet Wristband – You don’t have to paint your entire body to support your country during the FIFA championship matches. But if that is what you do…do what you do. For the more down to earth (sane) fans, this nice bracelet will be enough to show how much you love your soccer team.

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