Twitter Planning to Eat Native Advertising Firm Namo Media

namo twitter
namo twitter

The latest coup pulled by Twitter when it purchased the Namo Media has become the talk of the town. The acquisition of this native mobile ad startup firm came as a surprise right after Twitter’s deal with SoundCloud.

Namo Media is dedicated to “native advertising” for mobile phones. It allows the advertisement of in-stream ads in the middle of the apps, generating a constant review through the users without irking them off. The exceptional features of the advertisement by Namo Media is to make the ad content appear similar to the app’s content, blending the two in such a way so as to attract the users rather them putting them off.Until now, Namo Media has been backed by giants like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. It has finally taken the big step by deciding to close down the standalone operation and to co-operate with Twitter’s MoPub.

As put by Namo Media, its technology will be employed by MoPub which is the advertising platform of Twitter that was procured by Twitter in the October of the last year for quite a hefty price of more than $300 million. The motive, as it seems, is to syndicate the two firms, Namo Media and MoPub, to unleash the power of social media induced promotion of mobile phone applications and a load of mobile websites. Twitter seems to have planned to run Namo Media independently. Namo claims to have created “an advertising solution that lets app developers easily add native advertising to mobile apps.”

Twitter has been making a lot of efforts to augment its profits by incorporating ads in the tweets and to attract the customers. This only seems to indicate that Twitter has finally taken notice of the irksome and blatantly obvious ads and is now trying to blend the ads into the tweet content in an attempt to pacify its users in a not so obvious manner. This is expected to increase the click per ad rate and to increase the revenue that is generated for the developers by the advertisers

Twitter seems to be treading the same path as Facebook in terms of revenue generation and budget allocation to advertisement. The terms and conditions of the deal between the two groups have not been disclosed as yet. The deal is, however, expected to have far reaching impacts in the coming days.

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