10 Best YouTube Channels For Free Fitness & Private Workout Videos

YouTube Channels For Free Fitness & Private Workout Video

The present world has become busier for each and everyone. Every individual is busy in his or her life. People today work like machines all day and all night. The result is certain that many of them do not have time to care about their health or fitness. Therefore, we have brought to you some of the best YouTube Channels for free fitness videos through this article. Everyone should spend few minutes daily for their fitness and health in order to live a fit and fine life. The saying says it all- Health is wealth, and hence one must believe in it.

This article has 10 best videos, all you need to do is read it, watch it and give a kick start. Check out the top 10 videos for Fitness & Private Workout as mentioned below.

1. Livestrong Woman

With this video, you can begin your fat blasting exercise and learn various workouts right from the popular fitness gurus. LIVESTRONG.COM has much information regarding the workouts, tips and almost everything related to staying fit and healthy.

2. BeFIT

This BeFIT channel is from Lionsgate, and it offers different and new workouts to people every day. Some of the fitness trainers of BeFIT are Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and Jillian Michaels. Basically, there is a 30 day program that focuses on some specific areas that includes fat burn cadio, Pilates, fitness and fun dance sessions, and strength building activities. The playlists shown in this website offer many workouts, and these are then uploaded to BeFIT Channel.

3. Blogilates

Cassey Ho, the very famous POP Pilates guru offers an energetic and lively pop culture of yoga as well as fitness tips especially for young audiences. Though, the workouts of Cassey Ho are not so easy, it is still interesting and fun to be in her classes.

4. Spark People Videos

Diet community of Spark People contains many playlists that are related to pregnancy workouts, cooking classes, swimsuit boot camps and many more. There are also many success stories to inspire and motivate you when you are in need of it.

5. Yogasync.TV

This is comprised of a big library with various yoga lesions. You just need to spend 20 minutes just thrice in a week to learn ancient art forms in the comfort of your home. Just when you get the fundamentals, you can carry on with the advanced part of the course.

6. Bexlife.com

You will find wellness movement of Rebekah Borucki over here. Rebekah Borucki is a popular yoga and fitness instructor.

7. Diet.com video

This is an all round network channel for fitness and health related issues.

8. Sarah fit

It contains latest videos on fitness and health issues.

9. Tone it up

This offers you numerous healthy recipes, videos and various ways of challenges to encourage and inspire you by all means.

10. Steady health

This provides you different kinds of easy to understand videos, along with brief instructions and feedback on your sessions.

So have a look at all the above YouTube channels offering free workouts of all varieties, from pumping iron to Pilates. And don’t forget to share your experience with us

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